Another crazy week done

Yep, my day job is still crazy, which means I don’t have much brain left for writing as I’ve used it all up on the job!

It’s nice to reach the end of the week and have some space now to breathe and recharge over the weekend.

Today I’m soaking up music, pottering away round the house, doing some knitting, and generally relaxing and mucking around. I am grateful I have the opportunity to do this before next week’s craziness begins…

I hope your life is less crazy, but still with plenty of time to pause and be :)

Inspiring art: Christian Schloe

I accidentally stumbled across this piece via the mysterious ways of Pinterest. It was love at first sight!

Fortunately, there was a link to the artist’s website, which contains more fabulously surreal dreamy goodness <3

Now all I need is to source some prints…

Winding roads ahead

It looks like I’m going to be having one of ‘those’ weeks at work for the next couple of weeks… work is flowing in way faster than my ability to bail it out.

So that means I don’t have much brain or energy left over for blogging – sorry :(

On the plus side, at least my study doesn’t start till next month, so my life isn’t completely overwhelmed (just rather thoroughly ‘whelmed’…)

Please Drive CarefullyWE need YOU  -712577

I’m not here yet!



Re-blog: Year 2: Day 123 – Permission


These are mostly definitely words worth mulling over… and perhaps even (gasp!) acting on…

Originally posted on Charlotte Cuevas, Author:

Don’t ask me if they’re any good,
the words you pressed into my hand-
I can’t give you permission.

I can tell you if your package is presentable,
and in what manner it was received-
but will you still give lopsided gifts
with crooked bows
if I tell you they are?

A magazine can tell you if you’re lucrative,
and it might sing like heaven to hear it
or sting like hell-
but will you still work for free if they tell you
you’re not worth a cent?

Have you not earned the right to speak
by being alive and having something to say?
And if I tell you to write because I think you should
would you write what I wanted to hear?

You must give yourself permission
because the rest of the universe already has-

What flower hasn’t died for you to stand there wavering,
waiting for permission…

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I’ve been a bit pre-occupied this week:

  • I’ve had a new acting manager start at work (which turns out to be all good),
  • my kids have started at a new school (which was not all smooth sailing but is fine now), and
  • I’m returning to my term time work hours and routines after our summer holidays (which is all good, but yet another adjustment)

There’s something about these transition times that leave me edgy and more anxious than usual… especially when all the transitions happen in the same few days!

I confess: I like my comforts and the security of routine.

I’m not a natural adrenaline junkie or someone who seeks to live ‘on the edge’.

My adventures and explorations tend to be in civilised climes with regular meals and a reliable map to base my wanderings on. I like to know that my meals are coming and that I can have regular comfy sleep (maybe I’m part house cat?!)

I am more at home with adventures of the mind and soul, than I am with putting my body on the line.

Which brings me to a deeper transition that is underway in my life…

As I continue the transformation of my creative life, many of my old goals and desires are falling away…

My creative life is becoming full of bare branches with only a hint of budding new leaves.

While I’m enjoying being able to see the ‘sky’, I am left wondering what to do with myself…

What leaves do I want to grow?

So, now the outer life is settling into its new shape, I think it is time I turned my attention inwards a little.

I have no idea how that will affect my posting schedule!

I do know that blogging is one of my ‘must keeps’, so I will keep on trying to share my journey with you.

Please forgive me if that is more erratic than usual ;)