Brain = blank

I keep logging on to post something, but then my brain goes blank.

I’m putting this down to being in sinus recovery with an assignment due this week.

Anyway, is there anything you’d like me to write/post about? I could do with a (not-so) secret stash of ideas to draw on ;)

Slowing to heal

Thanks to a nasty sinus infection, it’s been a long week already…

Thanks to that sinus infection, I have had to learn to delegate and let go of things at work (in this day and age, a week away from the office is a long time).

Thanks to that sinus infection, I have had to take a good hard look at my activities and priorities and figure out what is genuinely important just now (complicated by the pounding headache affecting my brainwaves).

Thanks to that sinus infection, I’ve spent more time resting and reposing than I am comfortable with.

Thanks to that sinus infection, I am having to admit to my humanity and frailty and learn to ask for help.

Thanks to that sinus infection, I am having to slow myself down so my body can heal.

It’s not being an easy learning nor a comfortable one – and it’s certainly not how I planned to spend my birthday – but it is most definitely a useful learning.

Now to heal (hurrah for antibiotics and decongestants!) and retain the learning as the busyness of life descends again…

Something to ponder: A thought about nature

Nature is not our enemy, to be raped and conquered.

Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored.

Thank you, Terence McKenna.

And, maybe, just maybe, if we could all live more like this, we might find we had fewer enemies to be conquered…

Evening solitude

There’s a quality to evening solitude that is different from daytime solitude.

I get daytime solitude quite regularly. It is a busy-ish, bustling thing with to-do lists and aspirations.

I don’t get evening solitude very often. Usually my house is a bundle of kids and chaos: homework and chores and laughter and craziness (yeah, and the odd bit of nagging!)

Tonight is different. My family has gone away without me. And, while I’m sad I can’t join them (bothersome viral fatigue), I am also feeling strangely calm and cheerful right now (well, except for the bit when they came back to get the stuff they’d left behind – that was a brief flash of terror! But they’ve really gone now… and are not back till Sunday lunchtime.)

I am enjoying this evening: it is blessedly still and not-too-chilly (an unusual combination in this wind-ridden city). The sun is fading and soft light cloaks the hills around me. I can feel the house relaxing around me, and my own shoulders are slowly releasing.

Tomorrow will bring the busyness of daytime solitude – sewing and gardening and laundry and tidying and looking after myself.

But for now I will enjoy my peaceful evening <3

Little frustrations

It constantly amazes me how little frustrations can de-rail all good intentions.

For example, I was all geared up to write a different post over an hour ago, but I needed to book parent-teacher interviews first. For some reason, my browser kept crashing and I’ve only just finished what would usually be a three-minute-max job! Oh, and for some reason Outlook doesn’t want to send my emails just now. Which may be related… or not… it’s hard to tell with Windows 8.1 (but that’s another whole set of frustrations!)

So, you get to read a different, briefer, more whiny blog post (sorry!) and I get to figure out how to un-de-rail… um, re-rail… um… my evening – which now mainly involves heading for bed without doing all the other things I was going to do – sigh!

(And, yes, it does seem a very minor thing to moan about when Vanuatu has just been pretty much levelled by a cyclone… you can donate through the Red Cross to the recovery and support work here)