I’m back :)

After all that, and even more weeks months of releasing and personal transformation… I AM BACK!!!! I may be a touch excited about this😉 You may have noticed some subtle changes to the blog appearance… I’m also changing my approach to content and posting. I’m planning to post weekly for now – probably Friday/Saturday, but… Continue reading I’m back:)

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Please ignore my previous post!

Turns out my new adventure required more releasing first… Yeah, nah, I’m not really surprised… When was life ever a straight path?! More soon Thanks for being patient❤


A new adventure awaits

Hello, my friends! I’m back – and with a new adventure beginning! I have decided to change my focus from blogging to sharing my writing with you. I’ve just started a whole new site over here. I do hope you’ll come over and join me at 23 Verdant Grove. (There may not be much to… Continue reading A new adventure awaits

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Releasing so as to embrace

I’m typing from my dining table, watching the golden moon rise over the hills to the east… My son is asleep in my studio, where I usually write. His father is renovating his bedroom as I type. I have dragged myself away from Pinterest, where I was hiding, as this is not a comfortable post… Continue reading Releasing so as to embrace

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Social media – release or embrace?!

Much has been written on the ills and/or necessity of social media in this internet age. Depending on who you read, social media can be a contributor to social dislocation or an essential part of your personal brand. Personally, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle (as it usually does). Social media is,… Continue reading Social media – release or embrace?!

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Releasing the inner clutter

As I work through my physical clutter, I’m also working through my inner emotional and mental clutter – much of which goes back to childhood memories. When I was growing up, the phrase “waste not, want not” was a familiar family refrain. We had enough, but not lots, and my parents were careful stewards of… Continue reading Releasing the inner clutter