Random bits of inspiration – silver

frank gehry Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @ http://www.BusaccaGallery.com

Janet Miller's rings which look like little silver glaciers.

Easily distracted by shiny objects.

charred wood #texture  Dit is boomschors. Je ziet hier duidelijk hoe het hout aan zou voelen. Dit heet de textuur. Ook zie je hoe de schors is opgebouwd. Dit is de structuur van de boomschors.

That is an interesting way of doing scale. Would make really cool character armor. Stylish and effective.

in my eyes out of character but... tadao ando | steinskulpturenmuseum [bad münster am stein, germany].

WSH the creativity and craftsmanship of Thierry Mugler. Bulgari tumbler.".•.¸ღ¸´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ☆ ‎.•°*”˜ ☆¸.•´¯`•.¸☆

Silver mushroom - a light emitting mushroom. A material which produces light only through a chemical reaction

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

A HOWARD & CO. SILVER AND SILVER GILT MATCH SAFE  Howard & Co., New York, New York, circa 1900  Marks: (clover), STERLING | JV

stunning sea and sky... I could sit on a porch and look at a view like this all day and listen to the waves.

Silver Orbs. Omg i love these!

This is yet another very old and interesting doorway. If these doors could tell the story of who entered & exited, it would be so much history.

Inspiration: drought or flood?



Sometimes it seems the well of inspiration runs dry. Other times one feels swept away by a flood of ideas.

Personally, I don’t particularly enjoy either situation!

I find myself either bored and frustrated and restless, or overwhelmed and confused. Neither is particularly useful for actually getting on with creating stuff.

So what to do?

My main answer is notebooks! Well, that and lots and lots of handwriting.

I try to jot down the ideas when they flood my brain, so I have a reservoir ready for the dry patches.

When the floods hit, I make lists and jot notes and handwrite myself to solid ground.

And when the waters recede out of sight, I handwrite until the words flow easy again.

I find the action of handwriting loosens things up and steadies me. (There is a possibility I’m a bit odd!)

I do sometimes wonder if there are ways to balance it out. Is a steady flow even possible? Or is this inspiration business strictly tidal?!

What do you find?

Are there techniques you use to manage your flows of inspiration? Or are you up and down like me?

If you do know ways of managing the flow, I’d love to hear about them… There’s the comments section below and the Facebook page – or if you can squeeze your insight into a few characters, tweet me!

Creepiest photo – THE WINNER!

Here for your viewing pleasure …

… as promised…

… in extra-creepy black and white …

… our winning photo IS …

[drum roll]

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[another drum roll]

[brief recap of entire series]

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The winning photo is…

[yet another drum roll]


 Pic 4!!!THE WINNER!

[applause, confetti blowers, and general crowd hysteria]

[cut to closing credits]

Does the black and white ramp up the creepiness factor? Or would sepia tone be better? Did the best photo win? What do you think? Tell us all in the comments below!

Personally, I’m going to take to my couch with a cup of tea to recover from my son taking this one out… I may be sometime ;)

And as a bonus, here’s a friendly clown to fill your dreams…. or something… mwhahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa…

Creepy clown

The strange pull of love

trust :)

 What tugs at your heart?

Will you follow that strange pull?

<3 <3 <3

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