Random bits of inspiration – pearl

I wish that I  could just scoop these pearls into my hands and feel their beauty!  ♥

ring - vintage Arts and Crafts

Pearlescent ceramics by Studio Potomak...delicious

The art of Sevan Bıçakçı | “Sevan Bıçakçı has started his journey as a jeweler when he was only 12 years old as an intern  in Hovsep Citak’s workshop. His first personal collection that he created in 2002 was inspired by the historical Grand Bazaar- Sultanahmet area where he spends a considerable part of his daily life."

via  http://agirlsrighttodream.tumblr.com/post/27139965425/http-www-whiteandshabby-com

Art Nouveau ~ Lalique Brooch. My old school friend Janice S often has lovely Art Deco jewels on her board! Thank!

Cat with a Pearl Earring. LOL, Hilarious, the original "Girl With A Pearl Earing" is one of favorites. TG

A pearl is made form a grain of sand that got into an annimals body. it is a forign entity that causes pain. the animal, though in pain, will turn this invader into a beautiful, valuble gift. from such pain can come such beauty... for fellow survivors!

Typographic Print Van Gogh The Heart of Man by Riverwaystudios

Carved Pearl Skulls.....ok I know I want everything skulls.... BUT this is amazing- PLEASE.... Someone find and get this for me!!!!!!!!

Music Hall in Algueña - Cor & Partners

What makes a good weekend?

For some people, it’s about getting out there and adventuring in the world.

For others, hanging out with friends and family is all important.

For me, it seems getting some gardening done (including this weekend helping my son take the initial steps with his first garden :) ), getting some reading time, and getting textile time (knitting, crochet and sewing) seem to be consistent ingredients. That may not sound terribly exciting to many people, but it is where and how I find my quiet joy and contentment.

This week, finishing sewing my winter coat while it is still actually winter (!!!)  certainly capped it off nicely! [photo coming soon]

I hope you had a good weekend – whatever your ingredients :)

I wish you a creative and happy week to come <3

Let’s do this!

I love the 'Breaking Cat News' strip - Lupin looks so cute here - I am inspired! Lupin Motivational Poster Art Print

I adore the web comic Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn. She does the most beautiful art AND manages to encapsulate all that is both wonderful and mysterious about cats with amazing humour.

I have this image of Lupin as my desktop background. It gives me a lift every time I see it (and, yes, I do find myself high-pawing Lupin on occasion – which can be interesting with a touch screen…)

I hope it gives you a wee boost of encouragement, too.

So, shall we do this?!

Creating with the common cold

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I’m currently in battle with a cold (and lucky ol’ me got the bonus throat infection add-on for free :/ )

But feeling ill doesn’t actually stop my creative urge; it just limits what I am capable of achieving between tissues and headaches… so, how does one go on and create stuff despite feeling yurk?!

Here’s my tips

  1. Think simple – now may not be the best time to wrestle with that complex lace shawl pattern or to recreate the Taj Mahal with matchsticks… what if you sneeze?! Have mercy on your aching brain and congested sinuses, and attempt something that doesn’t require intense concentration or exceptionally fine motor control.
  2. Think small – things that can be created quickly or in small chunks are good. You’ll get a sense of achievement and forward momentum despite being surrounded by tissues.
  3. Cold time can be a good time for working on those uncomplicated but lengthy projects that require persistence and regular effort, but aren’t necessarily exciting to work on. But do make sure you can put your project down easily without losing your place, in case you need to grab a tissue in a hurry.
  4. Cold time probably isn’t the time for lengthy blog posts on complex topics requiring immense feats of research. So, I’m going to stop writing ;)

Hope you all stay well and germ free!

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Whether the wheel of your year is turning towards or away from the sun, I hope you have a blessed Solstice.

Whatever your belief season, I feel it is always worth taking a moment to ponder the changing seasons and passing years and the deep wondrous mystery of it all.

For myself, I spent the weekend with Morris Dancers, who danced the sun up yesterday (which is always a little kinder to the body at mid-winter – our sun rise was about 7:45 am), despite the rain. The clouds cleared for the dancing <3

Inspiring art – Anya Mowll

I am fortunate to be friends with the fabulous ceramic artist, Anya Mowll. I love her exuberant creations and her appreciation of the natural world, especially the sea. She makes a fabulously colourful variety of beautiful objects. I think my favourite (so far) is Doris, the Deep Sea Angler. If you’d like to keep up with her creatings, Anya is also on Facebook.