I think I must have missed something in my intellectual development, because I really don’t understand why some people spend so much of their time, energy, money and effort noisily hating others.  I mean, there’s plenty of people out there whose blogs I am unlikely to read and who I am unlikely to ‘friend’ on Facebook, because I strongly disagree with them, but I don’t feel like I have to tell them about it, harass them for having different views or fill their comments with irrelevant trolling.

If you disagree with someone, don’t like someone, can’t stand their new shoes… Why not leave them alone?!

You don’t have to chase them down, argue with them, read their blogs, comment on their newsarticles, threaten their safety…  You could instead spend your time and effort reading blogs that you like, talking to people you like, finding a productive hobby…

Just leave them alone!

How hard can it be?!


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

4 thoughts on “Disagreement”

  1. Do you know, this is what put me off of blogging for ages and what is putting me off of raising my head by posting comments on some blogs. I think the modern term is ‘hater’ which is horrible, why have we needed to invent a new word to describe a person. Ugh.

    I hope this doesnt mean that you have been getting ‘haters’ in your life.



  2. I think I’d much rather be a ‘lover’ than a ‘hater’ 🙂

    I haven’t had the viewing yet to attract haters, but it could come. Reading Comments sections on other blogs slowed me down starting this blog too, and it is one reason why I wrote my ‘Advice to Commenters’ – there will be moderation, of all kinds! While I certainly don’t expect everyone in the world to agree with me all the time (even my nearest and dearest don’t manage that!), there are limits to what I’ll put myself (and my beloved readers) through.


  3. Someone painted a swastika & Nazis on our road, when I commented on it, I had to explain to the kids aged 7 & 9 why I was upset…a man thought that people who were different from him ought to be killed….

    to which Miss 9 replied “That’s so silly, different doesn’t mean wrong” Praise be for a multi-cultural school, and of course sensible parents !!!


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