Opening the heart

Well, I have just had my second acupuncture appointment.   My allergies have behaved themselves very well this past week and I’ve felt much more relaxed than usual, so I’m actually looking forward to how my, ehm, ‘lower regions’ respond in a couple of weeks.  And that’s not a time I’m accustomed to looking forward to!

The acupuncturist I’m seeing is a wonderful energetic and positive lady, who really knows her stuff.  We’re having some great conversations, as she is very interested in the whole range of healing modalities including the soul/spirit healing I do as a shaman.  I’ve been open with her about the soul healing I’ve started doing on myself, so she’s set me homework for that.  Apparently, the energy in my heart/lung/solar plexus region is quite blocked up and she is keen for me to work on opening this area up.

This is great, and it’s lovely to work with a healer who can work with me.  However, doing the actual work quite frankly terrifies me!  I keep myself quite protected (probably over-protected) and while I am gradually learning to be more open about what I actually am/do/feel, I still mostly try to masquerade as a suburban mum.  Exploring the reasons for my excessive self-protection is an extremely scary thing for me (yes, this is the woman who last week relived vivid past life memories of being raped and murdered – fears are funny things).  I will do it – it’s becoming rapidly apparent that I can’t ‘not do’ this work.  And in a way I’m looking forward to it, because I know the healing that happens through this process will be very powerful for me.  But I’m still scared!


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

One thought on “Opening the heart”

  1. It is hard. Opening up to people is very very difficult, but worthwhile I feel. I wish you well with it. But why the masquerade? That maybe way too personal to ask – I dont really know. The problem with this blogging lark is I start to feel like I know people!


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