New dinosaur species!

As you may have noticed, dear reader, I do get rather excited about dinosaur stuff.  This dates back to childhood, when my imaginary friends were a Stegosaurus that lived in the garden and a T. Rex that lived behind the toilet door (sorry, Mum, that’s why I wouldn’t close it – some friends you don’t want escaping!)  My golden book of dinosaurs was well-thumbed and the pictures memorised.  I have no idea why this is/was – but at some deep level I find dinosaurs intrinsically interesting and just plain ‘cool’.  And you get to use lots of long words…

These days I mostly ‘do’ dinosaurs vicariously through my children (I thoroughly recommend Giles Andreae’s “Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs” series of picture books – great fun to read and loved by kids of all ages), except when the odd tidbit appears in the grown-up news.  So I got very excited today when I read this: palaeontologists have discovered a whole new dinosaur species!  In fact, I got so excited I wrote a blog post when I should be preparing dinner.  And they think there may be more!!  I’m in dinosaur heaven.

I know that there’s plenty of upsetting stuff happening in the world as I write, and at times it seems shallow to be interested in something so “un-useful” as dinosaurs.  But I still find it exciting that we still have stuff to learn stuff about this world.  So rather than beating myself up over my interest, I’m instead going to spend my time memorising how to pronounce “Aardonyx celestae” (which is actually fairly straightforward as dinosaur names go, so I guess we will have a  dinner to eat tonight.  Though it does have a nice piratical ring – “Arr”)


Author: verdant1

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