Patriarchy reversed

I was gobsmacked by the strength of the imagery in the excerpt below, which is a response to someone suggesting that feminist writing is a far greater danger to men than the Western patriarchical establishment is to women.  I defy anyone to intelligently argue against feminism after reading this (Please note: I wrote “intelligently argue”.  Thank you.)

BTW This excerpt is part of a longer dialogue at  ‘A Radical Pro-Feminist‘.  Please check out the full post – and the rest of the site.

So, let’s say we reverse this, OK? Let’s say about two dozen men write that at least since capitalism began, and even before that, women have believed they are superior to men, and have behaved as it they are, naturally and because a female God says so. And for a long time all laws were written only by women. And for centuries judges were all women. And for centuries politicians were all women.  And women did and still do health studies only based on populations of women, and assume the results will apply to men too. And women teach women’s history as the only history. And women teach children that only women are heroes, and great thinkers, and great people. And make God into a woman only. And don’t allow men to be priests, because they aren’t in the image of God. And all the stories in the Bible were written by women, and any stories that had been written by men or that talked about men as being just as close to God as women are, were thrown out because at the time the book was being put together, men actually did have some power and women wanted to put an end to that. So they made all the stories about women, and pretended men never did anything spiritually miraculous and amazing.

And also in that forty years, with women in charge of governments and police forces, legal institutions and educational systems, with women in charge of media, advertising, and “adult entertainment”, hundreds, not dozens, make and distribute material that makes men seem like they are dirty, and need to be or want to be degraded and raped. And they have many billions of dollars to spend on doing this, and these sorts of images and themes find their way into advertisements and TV shows, like CSI: every week a woman has murdered another man in some gruesome way, and the grim, gross details are shown, and people enjoy this, they watch it and like it–it’s entertaining.

And women consume the pornography and like it and find it entertaining. Which would you be more concerned about: men having written some books, or women having control of every major institution and also producing material that said “men exist to be degraded and raped”? And, away from media and the public spotlight, women are beating the shit out of men in their homes, and are raping men in their homes, crawling into windows at night and raping elderly men, taking boys off the street, pulling them into cars, and raping and killing those boys. Women teaching boys how to have sex with women who pay for the opportunity to do so. Walking into a college and shooting fourteen male students, because they are male. All that is happening or has happened, for centuries. Making men “disappear”, often one woman making many men disappear over a few years or a few months.


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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