How to feel like a twit

In four easy steps, with add-on options!

Step 1:  be super-organised and actually make the phone call (that you were supposed to make on Monday) to book the car in to have the chipped windscreen fixed (it was chipped in August – we hurry to fix things around here!).

Step 2: find out from the widescreen repair people that you should cover the chip with sellotape (or similar) if its raining so it can be fixed quickly.

Step 3: realise you have just enough time to get the dry chip fixed before you need to pick up the kids from school.

Step 4: drive out of the nice dry garage into the rain while forgetting about Step 2.

Step 5 (optional): come home instead and write a blog post, while hoping the workman down the road don’t recognise your car.
Your “feel like a twit” rating may be amplified by such details as:

  • spending so long on the internet you haven’t bought the weekly groceries while your kids are at school (and will thus have to do it with them in tow – oh joy!).  Bonus points for having your longest shopping list in a month!
  • remembering to pack your crochet/knitting (or other time occupier) and a snack and still forgetting Step 2.

Guess what I did (or, rather, didn’t) today…


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

2 thoughts on “How to feel like a twit”

  1. And extra bonus points for managing to do this when your parents are staying with you!!

    And good luck for the groceries!! (she says smugly having done her shopping yesterday – while the kids were at school!!)


  2. Whilst on the internet take a look at the Woolies Inernet shopping site – the boys can then play in the lounge while you “Grocery Shop” and you fulfill the internet buzz for the day! A good option if the car is out of action with un-taped chip! It costs $10 or so for delivery, but think of the savings in petrol, car repairs and sanity (I would imaginge doing a big shop with both little ones would be testing at the best of times). Saves carrying it all to and from the car too.
    Hope you are well – be good to catch up soon!


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