Resolutions for March

Another month gone, another review and resolve..

First, the review of February’s:

How have I done?

  • Well, I haven’t managed a weekly blog post (although 2 out of 4 is 50%, so, umm, technically a ‘Pass’ grade?  Nah!!).
  • My desk is useable and I’ve sorted my old files and set up a new system for my current life.  (The recycling collectors have nearly recovered from the extra bin weight!).  The new system is nearly working to keep my desk clear, but the old “dump it there and look at it later” system is still in ascendancy.
  • My dancing has been largely informal and spontaneous rather than proper practice.  While it all helps, I do need to do more if I want to improve.
  • I haven’t actually spent that much time on Facebook.  Avoiding all games, except Scrabble, is helping.
  • I haven’t placed any online orders yet this year (though I’ll admit to dreaming!)  Lacking spare money certainly helps here!
  • I am not able to take on voluntary work right now, as I’ve just started a part-time paid contract that runs through till the end of September (which will eat most of my ‘free’ time).

Now the resolves (I’ll make all new ones – though with some repeats):

  1. Save as much as I spend or more (while I have an income).
  2. Practice my belly dancing once a week.
  3. Sew one garment a month.
  4. Start at most one new knitting OR crochet project each week.  (This one is going to be tough!  Although I’m not counting gauge samples/tension squares.  My resolution, my rules!)
  5. Finish at least two knitting or crochet projects each month.
  6. Keep my desk useable and my papers filed.
  7. Stick to my earlier resolve to “only place orders with overseas websites at most once a year per site.”
  8. Keep my use of Facebook to a friendly minimum.  (Heck, I am trying to be a bit sociable, even if only virtually)
  9. Remember to blog post occasionally – at least twice this month (I’d go for weekly, but I’m already behind!)

Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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