Project 333

As part of my quest to simplify my life, I have decided to join the second phase of Project 333.  The basic idea of the project is that you choose thirty-three garments (not including underwear!) that will form your wardrobe for the next three months.  Phase 2 runs from January through to March.

I first heard about Project 333 just before Phase 1 started, and couldn’t quite get my head around cutting down my wardrobe enough in time to join in.  So, I have spent the time investigating my own wardrobe usage – establishing an inventory and then tracking what I do actually wear (and getting rid of what I don’t enjoy wearing).  Interestingly, I found that the highest number of garment I wore in any one month was 36 – and that was because our November had both very hot and very cold days (ahhh, Spring in the Antipodes!).  So cutting down to 33 garments no longer seeemed quite so hard.

I confess that I am varying from the Project 333 rules somewhat.  I am not counting jewellery or scarves in my 33, as I enjoy varying these too much.  And I will continue to wear my wedding band and two other pieces of sentimental jewellery everyday without counting them.

Additionally, both my work situation and the weather are subject to change, so instead of picking thirty-three garments for the whole period, I have chosen a base wardrobe of twenty-nine garments and have also chosen two capsules of five garments – one for work (in the hopes that I’ll have some at some point over those three months) and one for winter (in the likelihood that a cold blast will come through at some stage before the end of March).  However, I will not have more than 33 garments in my wardrobe at any time.  If I need to use either capsule in part or in full, I will adjust my base wardrobe accordingly.  My grand garment total stands at thirty-nine.

And just why am I doing this?

Well, I feel privileged to have a wardrobe that can be pared down to ‘only’ these garments.  I also want to be more conscious in my living – more aware of what I do and the choices I make – and this is one area (of many) of my life where it is all too easy for me to consume without noticing and without need.  There’s more, but these are top of the list right now.

And so, my list:

Base wardrobe

  • Green heavy  poncho
  • Green fine knit poncho
  • Turquoise cropped cardigan
  • Green striped shrug
  • Russet tie front cardigan
  • Navy rib jersey
  • Autumnal coloured baggy jersey
  • Black zip Doc Martens
  • Navy and white slip-ons
  • Green slip-ons
  • Olive tiered back skirt
  • Batik multicoloured circle wrap skirt
  • Green silk top
  • Pale blue Kraken print Tee
  • Floral sparkly neck tunic
  • Cotton tanktop – black x2
  • Cotton tanktop – khaki x2
  • Cotton tanktop – navy stripe x2
  • Merino fineknit – olive
  • Merino fineknit – kiwi
  • Autumnal coloured overtop
  • Blue muslin top
  • Jeans x2
  • Green sequinned waist capris
  • Khaki trousers

Work capsule

  • Dark brown striped skirt
  • Black wool trousers
  • Green patterned top
  • Multi-coloured collared top
  • Jacket (yet to be made!)

Winter capsule

  • Long brown wool coat
  • Merino fine knits in various colours x4

Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

4 thoughts on “Project 333”

  1. Just wanted to drop by and offer some words of encouragement.

    Congrats on getting started on this! I have been doing a lot of research lately and come across a few challenges like this, including a few that talk about getting your total possession count to under 100 possessions. Kinda crazy the extent that some minimalists will take things to, but that is the joy in the diversity of all of this.

    I am currently undergoing a similar effort, but mine is a broader scale of minimizing the amount of clutter in our lives. My wife and I started going through our attic and garage in order to scale back on the amount of things we own, but never use.

    Just think, if you can pass Phase 2 with 39 items, maybe phase 3 you can get it down to 33. One step at a time, look at it this way, at least you are participating. That is a big first step!

    Congrats and good luck.


    1. Thanks, Justin.
      I’ve been working on overall de-cluttering for awhile, too. With kids in the house, it does sometimes get hard to get it out faster than it comes in! But changing those habits is part of what I’m trying to do in my life.
      I don’t count myself as a minimalist as such – the aesthetic side is certianly not my style, and I enjoy most of my stuff too much to own just 100 things (still trying to weed out the bits I don’t enjoy). I doubt I’ll ever own less than 100 books or CDs, for example! However, I am very interested in simple and sustainable living, which seems to overlap with a lot of the minimalist approach.


  2. I think you are heading in the right direction. I seem to have spent the first half of my life acquiring things and the second half trying to get rid of them.
    I have come to intensely dislike living based on buying things and have been trying to simplify my life for a very long time.
    Carry on the good work
    Still not sure that I can get rid of the clothes that I haven’t warn for all those years tho they are starting to come back into fashion again


    1. Well, you know what they say – if you wore it the first time round, be very careful what you wear when it comes round again!
      You are so right that there is much more to life than just buying things.
      Carry on with your good work, too 🙂


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