What I’m reading this week (version 18-03-11)


My blog reading this week has been all about belly dance – not that I’m obsessed or anything (anyway, I prefer the term ‘passionate’!):

Ziva’s been posting about haflas.

Tamsyn wrote a while back about Turkish and Egyptian belly dancing.

I also discovered a blog by Carolena Nericcio, director of Fat Chance Belly Dance.

And Kathleen Crowley makes gorgeous costume stuff, including these trousers I’m strangely attracted to (ruffles and I haven’t historically gone together).  I do think her name for them is endearingly accurate!


I have just finished reading Sandra Lipsitz Bem The Lenses of Gender. It’s part of my recommended course reading, and I’m very glad to have read it – in fact, I’ve renewed it, so I can re-read it!

The book gets to the heart of debates on gender equity, by considering three main trends of Western (especially US American) thinking about gender: biological essentialism (thinking that is more to the biology of gender than just the reproductive bits), androcentrism (using men as the only standard for ‘normal’ in our society) and gender polarisation (male and female as complete opposites with no overlap).  Very interesting read, including history and theoretical developments.  I wish everyone could read it!

I’ve also been doing my course readings, which included the ones scheduled for last week (oops!) on Australian Aboriginal and Maori religion, and this week’s ones on Hinduism.

In the non-study bits of life, I’ve been having a look at Stitch’n’Bitch Superstar Knitting – a worthy addition to the Stitch’n’Bitch collection which covers ‘advanced’ knitting techniques like colourwork, lace and cables.  Has some quite cool (i.e. tempting) patterns – not that I need any more new projects!  Although I have finished the qiviuk scarf thingy…


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