I’ve started on another round of de-cluttering my life (why, yes, I do have an assignment due next week – why do you ask?!), but this time there’s a small difference.

I have realised that previously I’ve been focused on ‘sorting’ my clutter.  This time I’m focusing on ‘removing’ it.

That may just seem like just word play, but don’t underestimate the power words can have on the mind.  For example:  a good friend has managed to make more progress on her own de-cluttering by shifting her focus from ‘control’ to ‘order’.  She never could ‘control’ the clutter and so had pretty much given up.  Changing her focus to ‘bringing order’ made a huge difference.

For me, I can ‘sort’ all I like.  I’m quite good at it – after all, I’ve had plenty of practice!  ‘Removing’ stuff is a different story.  Much of my clutter is already sorted and neatly put in boxes or other storage containers, most of which are then never opened.  So, do I really and truly need that stuff, or is it actually clutter that I can remove from my life and house?

Some of it I do need or want – some childhood treasures, some important documents, some resources (like fabric) that I could use it if I could see it.  But much of it is unnecessary and unneeded for my life.  And by ‘my life’ I mean this life I’m living right now – not the life I lived ten years ago, or the life I might be living ten years from now.

Removing the clutter (and leaving the treasure) is going to take a little time – especially with an assignment to finish!  I am starting by working on the two areas of my clutter that affect me most on a daily basis – my bedroom and my desk.  Yesterday, I worked through the surface layers of the bedroom to good effect (the below-surface layers will wait until after the end of Project 333).  Tomorrow, I will tackle my desk and environs (it was going to be today, but I’m writing this instead).  The trick then will be keeping those areas uncluttered!

And post-assignment, I’m pscyhing myself up to start on my workroom (which contains most of those boxes I mentioned above), which I know will involve working on some answers to that deceptively simple question I mentioned back in January:

“Why do I have this stuff?”

And already I know one answer, which is not actually as simple as it sounds:

“Because I haven’t got rid of it previously”

I’m planning to fix that.


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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