Uncovering my personal aesthetic

One thing I have been working on since April has been uncovering my personal aesthetic – what I do and don’t like.  I’ve been focused on the visual aspects, especially as it affects my wardrobe choices (a flow-on from my experiences with Project 333) and also home decor.

Parts of this work have been quite straightforward – it’s hard to live as a crafter and visually aware person if you don’t have some clues about what you do and don’t like.  However, I have also been surprised, both by some of what I actually really, really like and by how easy it is for me to slip into choosing what I think I ought to like.

My method for uncovering my aesthetic is really quite simple, if potentially time-eating and costly: register with Etsy and build a list of favourite items, then edit it repeatedly to winnow out the ‘ought-tos’ and the ‘so-sos’.  You want to end up with a collection of stuff you really love.  Etsy is a great resource as it is full to bursting with the products of people’s creativity – some of which I like and some of which sends me running for the hills!  I must note that it is not actually compulsory to buy anything to do this (it’s just highly likely to happen).

If you’re interested in what I’m uncovering about my own taste, you are welcome to check out my favourites.

And if you’re wondering why I am bothering to do this, instead of just getting on with clearing out my clutter: the more I learn about what I actually do and don’t like, the easier it is for me to identify the true clutter.  I’m a strongly visual person and focusing on what I find beautiful soothes my soul as well as satisfying my mind and body.

Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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