Nature enter me

By various means, it has been brought to my attention just how important nature is to me.  Not only does the natural world shape my spirituality, it also underlies my personal aesthetic (as anyone viewing my Etsy profile can discover!) and indeed is the heart and soul of my worldview.

I’d kind of known this all along – I did choose the alias “verdant” after all.  But it seems that as part of my overall process of becoming conscious of life, much of my underlying foundational wotsits are being brought to the surface – brought to light, perhaps?

I’m not sure why it took me so long to put the jigsaw together and consciously realise this – I’ve had the pieces in my hand for a long time.  As a child I loved listening to the birds at sunset and was sure they were telling me fascinating stories, but frustratingly I just couldn’t quite hear right.  As a teenager, I often spent part of the evening accompanying our cat, Buffalo, on her wanderings in the garden.  By her example, she taught me to look below the surface and see the little worlds that make up our bigger world.  As a young adult, it was my love for the natural world that led me to explore Celtic spirituality and discover paganism.  And now, as an older adult(!), I am remembering once more to live and breathe nature.  That it is autumn here, my favourite time of year, doesn’t hurt.  I love the smells of autumn…

I am a part of nature – we all are.  We cannot be apart from it (from her) – without the natural world, what could we possibly be?  (apart from dead?!)

So, while I go make a cup of tea to drink in my garden, I will leave you with the wonderful lyrics of the song that titles this post:

Through falling leaves I pick my way slowly
Talking aloud – eases my mind
Sunlight filters through – I feel my head is drifting
So full of thoughts – I thought
What am I going to do?
I need some thoughts that are new

Doo doo doo…
Dee dee dee …
Nature – enter me

Up in a tree a bird sings so sweetly
Nature’s own voice – I hear
Rustling whistling leaves turning breeze to speech
Call to me now – ease my mind
I’ll turn something new
My mind’s laid with dew  I’ll turn something new
My mind’s laid with dew

Nature – enter me


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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