A (hopefully) small rant about fonts

I hate Times New Roman!

I have no idea why Microsoft picked such a hard to read font as its default ‘normal’ (for all I know it may be mysteriously linked to the conspiracy of the agapanthus and snails…) and I have even less idea why people sometimes actually choose to use it.

It is horrible to look at, hard to read and users run the risk of appearing to be small-minded and/or over-officious (as well as older than they may actually be).

If you want your emails to look professional and official, use Arial like all the real professionals and officials.  11pt is fine.  12pt may look like you’re shouting.

If you want  the clean look of Arial, but with a hint of difference, Trebuchet or Calibri are nice fonts.  Verdana works well in tables and spreadsheets.

If you must have a serifed font to satisfy your classical urges, Bookman Old Style is quite lovely and classic, and has the bonus of being easy to read (it has white space in its rounded letters, unlike TNR).

Please, please, please, if you must use Comic Sans, save it for party invites or jokes (for goodness sake don’t use it in anything professional – unless perhaps you’re a children’s entertainer).

There’s a wonderful range of fonts out there, folks.  Let’s use them  – but wisely!

Here endeth the rant.

(sorry, way too many grumpy TNR emails at work today)


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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