The journey to simplicity

And now it’s nearly Christmas – eep!

Over a year ago I wrote a post about starting my journey towards simplicity.

A year on, I have been revisiting some of the resources I uncovered back then:

  • I did a quick re-work through The Passion Test – enough to realise I am on the track I want to be on by and large.
  • the Miss Minimalist blog is my home page, so I am reminded of what’s important to me every time I go online ( I particularly enjoyed this Monday’s post on the difference between materialism and consumerism)
  • while the other two blogs I mentioned then sadly aren’t really going concerns anymore, I have discovered a couple more I enjoy – minimalist packrat and mycreativepants


  • 5 weeks ago today, I got S.H.E.D. back out from the library (I really must buy my own copy sometime – if only to lend to others!  Especially now my renewals have run out…)

These 5 weeks have been spent actively decluttering – my house, my brain, my life.  I find it difficult to recommend this book enough. It has been a wonderful aid for me.  Julie Morgenstein breaks the process down beautifully – both into types of clutter (physical, schedule and habits) and into a decluttering process that honours your life and your stuff.  This I have found truly inspiring.

One of the first thing she gets you to do is to come up with a theme phrase for your future life.  After some deliberation, I settled on the theme “living with passion”.  Then, the first stage of her de-clutter is to identify the treasures you have.  I have made some beautiful discoveries here that have helped reconnect me with myself and my passion.

I have been pleased to discover that my schedule clutter is minimal.  I am already in many ways living the life I want to – with jobs I love (both my office work and my dance teaching) and time for my other joys (family, friends, craft…).  However, my physical environment had not kept pace with this.  It is proving an interesting challenge changing this – definitely still in progress!  I am noticing the difference between the areas I’ve worked through and those I haven’t.  On some deep level, there has been a palpable energy shift, so that even with my eyes shut I can feel the areas where more work is required.  Usefully, this has helped me catch myself when I’ve done a ‘quick-once-over-lightly’.  I’m also really enjoying the fresh energy the process is creating.

Habit clutter is also proving interesting to deal with.  I’m going slowly here, mostly on purpose.  One big area I’ve identified is my eating habits: changing from those of a 20-something with low blood sugar issues (i.e  constant grazing) to an almost-40 with a ‘changing’ (read: ‘slowing’) metabolism isn’t happening overnight, but it is happening nevertheless.

Throughout this process I am endeavouring to stay focused on my theme (which is not always easy).  When I treasure hunt, I try to remember to keep just those things that fill me with joy and delight (rather than ‘meh’).  I have needed to call upon the help of good friends at times – particularly when it came to my fabric collection – and have felt the value and joy of doing this.  The overall effect for me is one of a growing sense of space, energy and joy – with plenty more room for my passions!



Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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