More small steps towards 2013

Another three months have passed (gasp!) and now we’re half way through the year (shock!), so time for another update on my 13 for 2013.

Progress continues to happen, but definitely in small steps:

#1 Finishing the unfinished = 1-4 are still works in progress, 5 is done (yay! Pics coming soon) but not yet delivered, 6-7 are yet to starts (but getting closer), 8 is ‘frogged’* as it wasn’t going to fit, 9 is done, 10-12 are still stalled (I’m just not that into hand sewing at the moment). So that’s 2/12 finished, 4/12 w.i.p.s, 1/12 frogs, 2/12 not started,  and 3/12 stalled – so I’m nearly almost halfway there! (oh, okay 1/6 of the way there…)

#2 Getting stash into boxes = in progress – and thanks to the generosity of my friends (and their friends) I have even more stuff to make before I complete this :-~

However, I am currently in a  “slightly-mad-sewing-crochet-creative frenzy”, which means stuff is actually being made! I will post pics and more details once I get a data cable for my new phone (aka the only working camera in the house…)

I must also confess that I have bought new storage boxes for my yarn – they are black and lovely and New Zealand made and stack beautifully and were bought to help with #5 (and because I love them!)

#3 The archive boxes = pretty much complete for now. I am down to two boxes – one of ‘keep forever’ things and one of things that will go in a while but I can’t part with just yet (for various reasons)

#4 The filing cabinet = eep! That would = not started (and also = quite scary!)

#5 Kids’ artwork = phase one is done. I now have a storage box each for them for this and their old school books to go in. (These are my old yarn storage boxes – see #3.) I have decided that at most I will pass on to them two storage boxes of their childhood stuff when they are older: one of art and school books and similar, one of baby clothes and similar. I may yet get this down to one box, but whatever, it will be passed on with no strings attached for them to do as they will with.

#6 = see #4 and repeat!

#7 = as above

#8 The tribal belt =  on hold while I’m busy with other projects. Having spent more time around other dancers, I’m becoming more certain in my own aesthetic and dance. This belt may yet be for someone else. It’s no longer a priority for me.

#9 Reading = well in progress. A few books have been re-shuffled, some have been finished, some have been passed on and some have yet to be started, but I’ve also read a lot of other cool stuff.

#10 = a constant work in progress. I’m trying to improve my systems of organisation to slow the “re-dumping”, but, yeah, well…

#11 = see #4, 6 & 7 again…

#12 = replanting has started! I can haz vege!! Pics and more details soon (must… buy…data cable)

#13 = not yet done (but not quite another #4)

So, there you go. Progress – it happens, but not always where and how you expect it.


* ‘frogged’ = ripped out, thrown out or equivalent. A yarn crafters’ in-joke – as “ripping out’ sounds a bit like ‘ribbit’ which is the sound that… well, no one ever claimed in-jokes were that funny.


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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