PC#5 – Scape

Still playing catch-up – time keeps rolling by and things keep not quite returning to normal. I’ll keep trying to catch-up with the photos and maybe even squeeze in a written post or two sometime soon. Thanks for your patience 🙂

Week 5 had the theme of ‘Scape’ borrowed from the Etsy Treasury Flash Mob Team. This was a week when I was on holiday with my family around Auckland and New Plymouth. While the theme certainly highlighted the weaknesses of my phone for landscape work, I’m still pleased with the shots I got (though a higher number of out-takes than usual). As is my practice, nothing has been cropped, altered or played with. It is what it is, and just how it was taken.

A painting by my sister’s talented mother-in-law. I love looking at this – there’s so much to see.




Cockle Bay. I grew up round here. One of my favourite places in all the world – and one of my favourite photos this week.


Awakino River


Awakino streetscape – my other favourite this week.


Wetland area at the Bowl of Brooklands, New Plymouth.


Seascape at New Plymouth
The Port at New Plymouth. Shows what a difference just turning a few centimetres can make to your shot.


“Playscape”. The fabulous Kowhai Park at Whanganui (aka Wanganui). With bonus seal for my son.

And, because I couldn’t let the opportunity go by:

Scape…goat (I’m almost sorry!)

More coming soon.

BTW this week’s theme (week 8!) is “Natural colour”.



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