My creative life – A re-evaluation

I’ve been thinking a lot recently, largely triggered by a significant birthday (I have recently attained my 4th decade), but also due to my introverted tendency to live inside my own head.

What I’ve mainly been thinking about is my life: how I use my resources, how I spend my time, what pursuits I pour energy into, how much stuff I have. This is all a part of my ongoing process of de-cluttering and clarifying, which I’ve written about a time or six before.

Slowly, I am achieving more clarity and less clutter; but it is certainly a long-term process, and one which I suspect will never be completely finished until I am finished!

In recent weeks, I’ve been feeling restless and un-focused in my creative life. I haven’t been able to settle to some things and others have been frustrating me. So I decided to take a little time and think (and feel) about what I most enjoy and most want to put my energy into. I was pleasantly surprised with how rapidly I came to some conclusions.

When I analyse it, there are two main threads to the creative endeavours I find most satisfying:

  1. making
  2. sharing

Making covers the processes of my knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing and dancing. This is a very phyiscal thing for me: I like to make with my hands, and dance with my whole body.

Sharing covers the products of these processes: from necklaces to cosy knits to dance perfomance and teaching.

There are other activities I have been putting energy into which don’t give me the same sense of satisfaction, mainly because they lack that physicality. Photography is one of these. While I have enjoyed the challenge of my photo commute, I have decided to end it when I take my hundredth photo this week. This means that this blog will return to being focused on my de-cluttering and my creative journey – although there will be still photos for sometime to come, as I am well behind with my posting!

I hope that my blog will continue to be a source of interest and inspiration to you. Please remember that you are most welcome to contribute your thoughts through comments (guest posts are also an option). I would love to turn this blog into a conversation about creativity and life – your voice would be most welcome in that conversation.


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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