Health & well-being

I’ve been doing  a lot of work in recent months around goal-setting, prioritising and life clarity (as mentioned in this post).

As part of this process, I’ve decided to make improving my health and well-being one of my main priorities for this year.

One of the drivers for this was my unexpected summer weight gain. It became rather obvious to me that my old habits weren’t working in my favour!

Another consideration was my dancing. I want to become a better dancer (always!) To do this I need to become a better ‘live-er’ (no, not the body organ!): more movement as part of my living, more good foods as part of my living, more understanding of my body mechanics and so on…

For me, this is not just about my physical health, but about my overall ‘well-being’ – body, mind, spirit and community. I do want to be the best me I can be, and make the most of this life. I can’t do that if I’m unwell, lacking in energy, depressed or injured.

Thanks to my decision to make well-being  a priority, there are many small changes I am making to my way of life. All of these are adding up to a big difference for me.

So what I am doing/changing?


  • I’m chewing every mouthful thoroughly
  • I’m savouring flavours
  • I’m thinking about whether I’m actually hungry or not
  • I’m stocking my fridge with yummy fresh fruit and veg
  • Because of all this, I’m finding processed foods a lot less yummy
  • I’m trying new foods: for example, thinly sliced swede is beautiful in a stir fry; whole amaranth cooked up then adorned with honey, cinnamon and all-spice is scrumptious!


  • I’ve joined a Pilates class
  • I’m playing with my hoop regularly
  • I’m paying attention to my posture and movement patterns (this could take a while!)


  • I’m paying attention to my sources of energy (as an introvert, I need quiet solitude to recharge. Extroverts need people time)
  • I’m journalling
  • I’m reading things that inspire me
  • I’m seeking out sources of inspiration and wonder (thank you, Pinterest and Pataka)

The results are showing: I have lost weight, toned up and have way more energy. I am aware this is an ongoing journey of discovery. I can have fun with this for my whole life 🙂

There are many resources I am drawing on for information and inspiration (thank you, library and internet!):


You are what you eat by Dr Gillian Keith – this is loaded with well-presented and easily digested information. It would be hard to not make some changes after reading this.

French women don’t get fat by Mireille Guiliano – part guidance, part memoir, this book looks not so much at what you eat as how you eat. Paying attention to my food and savouring every mouthful is slowly changing my relationship with food. It’s amazing how much you appreciate fresh veg over processed crap when you pay attention to what’s in your mouth! The emphasis is on pleasure rather than denial, which makes a refreshing change.

I did start reading The omnivore’s dilemma by Michael Pollan, but got too depressed! I have cut down on the amount of corn I eat though…


The Feel Good Body by Anna-Louise Bouvier and Jennifer Fleming – useful tips for day by day changes to your posture and movement patterns.

The Katy says blog is an often hilarious and always informative blog about body mechanics for normal people.


Positive balance is a thought-provoking but gentle blog written by a life coach and yoga practitioner.

Space2live provides useful inspiration and encouragement for my introvert soul.


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

3 thoughts on “Health & well-being”

  1. You are an inspiration, Verdant. You and I have many similarities, only you are far better at acknowledging your needs and actually doing something about them than I am! There are plenty of books I could recommend on the food issue though….:)


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