So, tell me what you want: what you really, really want…

Hello again, my friendly readers.

I’m back home again and settling back into life after our big family trip. After six weeks travelling round the UK and through Europe, it’s time for me to kick back, do some laundry, get some sleep and think about life…

… and that means thinking about this blog.

Or, to put it more accurately, thinking about how I want to use my creative energy and spend my time.

With a family, a job and a range of absorbing hobbies (not to mention a home to manage), it’s hard for me to find time for everything I want to do and also strangely easy for me to get caught up in side-projects that aren’t really my main ‘thing/s’ but that don’t require as much effort as those main ‘thing/s’.

I have a whole heap of ‘things’ I could do, but only a few ‘things’ I really, really want to do at the mo. Which are:

  • dance a lot
  • start a new creative business I’m planning
  • sort out my home and garden

I’m not sure where blogging fits into this. So, I’d really like your help please.

You read and/or follow this blog (thank you!!)  What would you like me to blog more about?

What posts speak to you? What do you find helpful or interesting?

What do you really, really want?!

Please comment 🙂


To kick the conversation off:

I’m considering writing more about my dancing and about my creative journey (which would probably mean less photos and less de-cluttering).   I’m also considering opportunities for guest posts to broaden the conversation.

Does this sound interesting to you? Or not?  Please, tell me what you think. There are no wrong answers 😉

P.S. While I’m working this stuff out, posting will continue to be sporadic and irregular – thank you for your patience. I promise I will be reading and considering your contributions. Oh, and I WILL be dancing!


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

4 thoughts on “So, tell me what you want: what you really, really want…”

  1. I would like to read things that you are enjoying writing about. A real downer in a blog for me is the sense that the author is slogging through yet-another-post in a half-hearted way. I am a fan of the blogs that cover one topic and cover it with enjoyment.

    Given that the challenge you are setting yourself is staying on track, how about re-working the idea of decluttering to apply to your head and heart, rather than house? How are you disciplining and motivating yourself to do more of the things that you want to do and less/nothing of the other stuff? I would read that, because I need tips too!


    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful observations, Michael.

      I must admit my thoughts were heading in this sort of direction – but I wasn’t sure anyone would want to read that. Now I know better!

      And I definitely agree re enjoyment. That’s what I like to read too.

      I’m not sure I’ll ever be focused enough to stick to one topic (unless I find a very broad topic!), but I do endeavour to enjoy writing what I do write.


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