Here’s what we’re going to do…

After some consideration and some useful conversations on and offline, I’ve worked out where I propose to head next with this blog.

You may be relieved to learn that the blog will continue!

You may also be relieved to learn that I am planning more regular posting.

My thought is to post twice a week:

  1. some kind of post about creativity and the creative life (warning: contents may vary from those described)
  2. something that inspires me: an image, a website, a poem, etc…

Schedule is likely to vary a bit, but I will aim for something weekend-ish and something mid-weekish (i.e. when my kids give me a chance to get near the computer).  As a clue, this post is your something mid-weekish!

Rather than the solitary ramblings of some internet hermit, I would like this blog to be a conversation with you. Please make use of the comments section. If you have questions or ideas you’d rather share in an email, you are welcome to write to me at verdant at paradise dot net dot nz

Now, let me know what you think…


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

6 thoughts on “Here’s what we’re going to do…”

    1. Yay! Welcome aboard the good ship ‘Conversation’ (aka the baby steps of rebuilding the blogging habit?!) I do look forward to reading your work again at some point, but also understand that toddling monsters and a day job do not always help with these things!


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