Synchronicity (and yarn)

Oh, the synchronicity of life….

Just moments after my post yesterday, this appeared in my Facebook feed:

Photo: Very simple, & lots of truth here.

Just as well I don’t mind laughing at myself…

I did do some knitting,  too.

I’ve cast on for a shawl commission using fab reclaimed/recycled yarn from Darn Good Yarns:

Lavender-purple yarn on a chocolate brown background - really!
Lavender-purple yarn on a chocolate-brown background – really!

This is knitted with their ‘Chunky Monkey‘ yarn in lavender tones (sorry about the crappy lighting…). It’s just garter stitch on 9mm needles – the yarn has so much character, fancy stitching isn’t needed.

I’m also slightly extremely addicted to their silk ribbon yarn, and am busily amassing a collection of colours to play with when I’m finished with this latest commission. The colours! The texture! And every skein is different… *ahem* There will eventually be some scarves, and so forth making their way into my Etsy shop (though, as so far I keep selling them before I can list them, do feel free to get in touch and book your colourway!)

The lovely (albeit dangerous) thing with fair trade yarn is that you can stash-build without guilt, knowing that you’re helping other people as well as yourself 😉


Author: verdant1

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