Following on from my post last week, let’s talk a bit about the risk areas that can threaten our self-discipline… because, you know, life happens!

While there will always be external risks that are outside our control (having to work overtime, sick children, transport hassles, family demands, personal illness…), it is worth spending some time assessing the internal risks arising from our patterns of behaviour, our habits, our tendencies… these we have some hope of managing.

For example, I’ve noticed over recent weeks that a huge risk for me is tiredness (and, yes, I’ve noticed this the hard way!)

When I get tired, my self-discipline goes out the window: I eat crappy food, waste time online, procrastinate, and find it hard to get motivated to do anything that matters to me. I over-sleep and have to dash round like a mad hare to get out the door on time. I get grumpy with myself and then with everyone else, because I’m not doing what I know I want and need to do. And all this feeds on itself to become a compounding cycle of destruction, which doesn’t help me (or anyone near me!)

So, it’s important for me to manage this: to aim for regular sleep patterns, and when that doesn’t happen (curse you, humidity!), to force myself to break the cycle and do what I need to do. My ‘ten minutes’ are really helping me with that.

Another risk area for me is school holidays. While these are an externally imposed event, I do have the power to choose how I manage the change to my routine. (Confession: in the past I’ve done this by abandoning attempts at self-discipline with similar results to those listed above.)

Summer break is coming up all too fast (school ends on 17 December). I’m determined this year to keep my habits: to keep blogging and to keep my ‘ten minutes’ going. While there will be times when this may not be possible (we are going away for a while), I am hopeful that having the habits and ideas to fall back into will help me weather the break in better shape.

Anyway, enough about me – what about you?

What derails your good intentions and stuffs up your self-discipline? Can you spot it before it gets really bad? Can you manage it or work round it? Do ‘ten minutes’ help you, too?

Let’s chat 🙂


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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