Re-blog: Learning the landscape

I’ve always enjoyed learning my landscape by walking. In this re-blogged post, Nimue Brown explains more about how that can work (once again, I find it fascinating to see how my natural impulses are so Druidic in nature…)

Druid Life

This year, I spent Christmas morning walking the hills. It was a truly amazing day – dry air and no cloud made the sunlight sharp and intense. We watched the first light flood the Severn plain with colour and paint the beech trees in startling reds. There were ravens. What had, recently, been a washed out wintery landscape of faded greens, muddy browns and greys suddenly acquired brilliant, jewel-like colour. The Severn River herself was the kind of blue children imagine the sea as being.

On Boxing Day (that’s the 26th for you international folk who do not participate in strange English customs) we did nothing involving either boxes or hitting people. (Theories vary as to why this day has this name and what it is therefore supposed to be about).  We walked back the long way, which took most of the day, but enabled me to fill in…

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Author: verdant1

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