A weird sort of limbo

The festivities of Christmas and New Year are over.

We’ve returned from our summer holiday and survived the first day back at work.

(The joy of living in this southern hemisphere is you get to do all this in the same few weeks…)


School is to yet start (that’s February).

My course of study is yet to start (that’s March).

And there’s forms to fill in between then and now, and uniforms and stationery to order.

I am left feeling this like I’m stuck in a weird sort of limbo (of the waiting variety, not the bend under the pole variety).

There’s plenty I could do.

And plenty I need to do (see “forms, stationery and uniforms”).

But what do I want and crave to do?

… that I can’t tell you right now.

My creative spirit insists on taking it quietly, despite my restlessness and frustration.

I know the busy times will come (for sure!), but for now my ‘now what’ appears to involve resting and recharging and quietly working away at things. Even though large chunks of me want to race and rush and dive in, I know it’s not quite time for that – the busy times will come. But they are not here yet.

So, I will endeavour to be patient with myself and work quietly, even when I long to charge headlong. (And I will endeavour to do more with my days than just Minecraft and Sudoku – but not always much more.)

The busy times will come.

But they are not yet here and now.


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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