What I’m reading – version 28.01.15

Currently in progress:

Michael Wood The Story of India – I really enjoy Michael Wood’s writing, and this book is no exception. A thorough-going, easy to read overview of Indian history. I am completely fascinated ❤

Alain De Botton The News – this started off as interesting and thought-provoking, but by partway through had added annoying and moralising to the list. He has some interesting thoughts about the state of ‘The News’, but I get annoyed with all the ‘the news should’… I’d prefer ‘the news could’… And if the news did indeed somehow find ways to do all he thinks it should, it could dramatically change the face of the news and perhaps create an entirely different beast more resembling a thick magazine of feature articles that very few ever fully read… I will persevere to the end of this, but only in small doses. Of course, you may love it…

Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch  Intuitive Eating – an interesting approach to the necessity of eating. Rather than diet plans, eliminating food groups, counting calories, etc, the authors advocate paying attention to yourself and your hunger and fullness signals. There is more to it than just that, but this the bit I am working on right now – and paying attention to what you eat. Not quite mindful eating, but hints of that. I like the idea of working with my body, rather than at cross-purposes, and paying attention as I eat is helping me feel better in myself.

Recent reads:

Carmen Torbus The Artist Unique – the book that led to me joining the Documented Life Project. The book looks at a multitude of mixed media techniques and artists, with strong encouragement to experiment and find your own way. Through some experimentation, I now know that mixed media is not my way,  but I am using the encouragement to find my own ways through dance and pen…

Jean Wells Journey to Inspired Art Quilting – if you want to know about line or colour or design concepts as an artist, then quilting books are surprisingly useful. I didn’t read this book for the quilts, but for the technical aspects. The sections on line and structure are proving especially useful in my art (and I’m even thinking about it more with my dance)

Todd Henry The Accidental Creative – an interesting read about how to allow more creative thinking time into your life. Those of us who work in offices are hired for our brains and thoughts. This book gives tips on how to maximise creative thinking and through that productivity and usefulness. I need to read it again, and put more of it into action.

Terry Pratchett Snuff – like most Pratchett, this is both entertaining and deeply thought-provoking, raising questions about what constitutes ‘people’ and why. I found it moving, disturbing and hilarious – sometimes all at once.

Amanda Palmer The Art of Asking – rather appropriately, I borrowed this from a friend. Part memoir, part guidance to aspiring artists, I found it a fascinating read. It is very personal, but it has left me with plenty to chew: in particular, the matter of connection with the audience during performance, and whether one performs at a distance or seeks to closely engage. There’s no right or wrong answer, but it is interesting to consciously consider.


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