Managing time and energy

One thing I’ve been having to pay attention to over the recent weeks of craziness is how I use my time and energy.

There is a definite rhythm to my energy flows and I’ve finally realised that it’s no use fighting it (that realisation has only taken 40ish years!) I have to work with the flow.

I am fortunate to be able to work part-time, so the day job craziness is jammed into only 20 hours or 4 days each week. I still come home exhausted, but that’s at around 3:30 pm, so there’s time to rest and recover before the demands of dinner prep and dishes and kid nagging…

I have been learning to lower my expectations of what I can achieve in that afternoon time: basically I have the processing capacity of a plush toy, without the concentration span!

Seeing as I mentioned plush toys, here's my new Bast plush. Isn't she gorgeous?! (Yeah, I may be a little besotted - but at least she doesn't get hairballs or squirm when you hug her...)
Seeing as I mentioned plush toys, here’s my new Bast plush. Isn’t she gorgeous?! (Yeah, I may be a little besotted – but at least she doesn’t puke hairballs or squirm when you hug her…)

It turns out this is the perfect time to catch up on social media and play some Minecraft or even nap. It is not worth my while to attempt anything requiring brain power (sometimes I manage a blog post – like this one, which could explain a lot!)

The brain kicks back into gear after dinner, so I get a couple of hours before bedtime in which to jam my study (praise the gods for being a fast reader!) and anything else requiring concentration. I also try to find a few minutes to hang out with my lovely husband.

It all definitely works much better when I accept the reality of my energy flows and work with those. I am finding there’s precious little time or brain left over for creative enterprises (beyond my Minecraft habit!) Again I am – slowly – learning to work with this and focus my energy into only one or two things at any time. I can still make progress and be creative. I just have to accept that I will go slower (and that’s much easier to type than actually do!)

So my daily schedule is now basically work, rest, do non-work brain stuff, sleep! Which may not be terribly exciting, but at least it lets me get things down without too much angst…

What about you…

How do you manage your time and energy? Given there’s never quite enough of either, any tips or suggestions will be of use to all of us!

Do you set up your schedule to work with your own flows as much as possible? Or don’t you have that luxury? In which case, how do you cope?


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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