Random bits of inspiration: avian

Oil spills.  Head hunters.  Malaria.  The kind of untamed beauty the modern world tends to forget about.

Modern Surrealism | Modern surrealism | Art Project Ideas Using Trees

Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples   www.cookiesinbloom.com   www.hannahscaramelapples.com

Shore Bird I Print by Ethan Harper at AllPosters.com

Saddlebilled Stork - (CC)Arno & Louise Wildlife - www.flickr.com/photos/arnolouise/3056157808/in/set-72157594527548979

As many had asked me to upload the finished version of this... VoilĂ . - Imgur

A magnficent Nicobar pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica) of the east Indies

Avian anatomy illustration by Volcher Coiter

The fog provides a perfect backdrop for this guy's epic wingspan! Look at all the details captured in the feathers! (Photo: Michael Rosenbaum)

A gorgeous little bird. By: Suzan Buckner

Hello quirky bird. - You made me smile. Quetzal

driftwood sculptor with rock base | Avian Sculpture JAYE OUELLETTE > Bird with Fish XVI

Bird Photography Hover with Cirrus Clouds by susieloucks on Etsy


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