Introducing Matai

This post is for those of you who wanted to hear more about my cat.

I am pleased to introduce Matai (aka Furbrain aka Mr Magnificent)


Matai is a domestic long hair of some 13 years age with an impressive plume of a tail.

He moved in with us about 10 years ago, after hanging round our garden for months before (we nicknamed him ‘The Head Gardener’ for his propensity for popping up to supervise our weeding efforts). We noticed he had lost his original collar and that he was getting thinner and scruffier, so we fed him, did the traditional neighbourhood flyer drop, then adopted him when there was no response. We figured he must be feeling desperate to want to move in with us, because my twin sons were lively 18 month olds with busy hands and fast-moving bodies. He likes them more now they’re older and can rub ears and open doors.

Matai is a cat of character and presence. He is very companionable and likes to help me in the studio (whether I want him to or not):

Helping with sewing
‘Helping’ with sewing

He is normally fairly dignified, except when he wants a ‘thunking’. He recently discovered cat nip (which given his advancing years, does feel a bit like your elderly uncle suddenly taking to Rastafarianism…). This doesn’t always help with the dignity:

“This is your dignity on cat nip”

Some of his significant contributions to the household are to spread dark fur everywhere, and to find quiet spots to snore from unexpectedly (under the bed at night was a good one). He also helps keep our chicken bill from getting too low!



Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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