My studio

I posted a few months back about transforming my workroom into a dance space. That gave you a quick peak at the overall space. I thought you might like to take  a look at some of the details.

So… welcome to my oasis: my creative space and sanctuary.

You enter past my door guardians: a bunch of big rocks, a snake plant and a cardboard Siamese cat I inherited from my grandmother. The wallpaper is the original 1970s paper. We found it while renovating. I kept the bit round the door because I like it, but a whole room would’ve been a bit much…


The first furniture is a chest of drawers that used to be my grandfather’s. This has my stereo on top, and a heap of stuff buried within (must… sort… out…)


My desk is alongside. This is where I blog and draw (and muck around online). It is a roll-top desk, but it’s always to full and busy to actually roll down!


This is my view when I’m writing to you: cats, ammonites and art. It helps


Alongside my desk is a wee painting by my other grandmother. Yes, I like cats!


Then we come to the stash. I have plans to get a cube bookshelf to fill this space and get it more orderly. I do try to keep this area tidy, but it always overflows.


Here’s how I store my sewing oddments (and look, there’s a horse, not a cat!):


More storage – this time for yarn:


Turning to the left, there’s my sewing table – currently actually being used for sewing, instead of just collecting stuff. The room faces north, so I get lots of light (Southern Hemisphere version of south-facing)


And a little collection to keep me happy: my lucky cat from Singapore and a postcard of Glencoe.


Between the sewing table and my couch is a small coffee table – there is (just) room for a cuppa on here amidst all the plants. And everyone needs a skeletal horse (yes, it glows in the dark).


My couch and bookcase, and Fred the lizard. Matai can often be found snoring here – just not when photos are being taken.


Here’s a couple of close-ups:



And then we come to the work basket collection – full of ideas and works in progress. I’ve heard rumours of people who have a single work basket, not a collection. I’ve never figured out how that works…


The rest of my space is currently filled with a friend’s sewing gear as her flat is too small. When she finds a bigger place, I’ll shift my music and get some mirrors and make that the focus of the dance space.

While it’s never quite as tidy as I intend it to be, I do love this room (and so does Matai). A room of one’s own is a lovely luxury in a busy family home, so I’m glad I can make the most of it.


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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