Five reasons to ‘de’ your clutter

(in no particular order)

Freshen energy flows

  • Cleaning and clearing forgotten corners does seem to bring new light and freshness to a space. I think feng shui has a lot to say about this. I’ve certainly found it to be true in my own space.

Rediscover forgotten treasures

  • It is amazing what precious and wonderful things can be found hiding behind piles of no-longer-useful-ness. My last big clean out uncovered some wonderful oddments from my childhood that are now waiting to be turned into a belly dance belt (do watch this space… but don’t hold your breath!) My recent stash sort-out has also re-acquainted me with some lovely fabric friends who are keen to be sewn…

 Clear stagnation

  • This kind of goes with ‘freshen energy flows’, but I do think it deserves its own point. Ruts are very easy things to fall into, but they can quickly turn into festering psychic puddles of mosquito larvae. Cleaning and clearing discourages those larvae from growing, which leads to the next reason…

 Release the past

  • Treasure your memories and special things, but don’t cling to unnecessary or unhelpful relics from the past. The past has happened. Nothing we can do will change it or bring it back. It’s okay to move on, and to live here and now. That won’t change your memories, but it may set you free.

 Make your world more beautiful and useful

William Morris Quote Magnet or Pocket Mirror(no.211)

Now I feel inspired to tidy up some more 🙂


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

7 thoughts on “Five reasons to ‘de’ your clutter”

  1. Very wise words here. Especially as I sit with at my desk with hardly enough room for my laptop and newly formed piles of things about the room. I think there is some more serious tidying up to do today. Love the William Morris quote. Also a good guide to shopping or seeking new treasures.


    1. Sympathies! Keeping my desk clear is a constant battle – I’ve settled for stacking all my papers in a deep tray so I can move them out of the way quickly… but they do breed!


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