Random bits of inspiration – plum

"Plum perfume"    Art Glass Perfume Bottle    Created byGarrett Keisling         Plum scent bottle is carefully crafted by hand from rich violet colored glass and is individually mouth-blown and sculpted at the torch. These tiny treasures are fun, functional and collectible.

abstract landscape by erica kirkpatrick - I've never been an abstract fan, but there is something about this that just draws you in.

purple violin this is beautiful

The simplest forms and colors. Would love to have just a simple panel or perhaps a small accent wall.

rangoli-inspired rug - plum and cream Harlequin Susa rug by Hill & Co Rugs.  £635

ranunculus Black pearl!  ♥ Aline

"Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." ~Chief Seattle

30 of the most inspiring and unique entry doors i've ever seen! - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

וככה כמו אלופה ...שבתי לי לארץ קסם מהשוק ובאמתחתי זוג מגפי גומי חדשות נוצצות שהלכו להן ביחד איתי לאסוף בארץ קסם שפע פטריות...הרגשתי גמד גשם עם מצנפת המעיל והמגפיים המדשדשות והפטריות..! התנור בוער הפטריות מריחות והגשם ביחד עם המגפיים זה שיחוק של אלופות . חורף !

Mesmerizing fireworks #sparkle #purple Repins or Likes would be awesome. Don't forget to listen to my music on youtube :) Thank you

Plums | Flickr - Kimberley (continental drift)


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