Look after your future self

This poster hit me like a meteorite (but without the enormous crater and dinosaur extinction):

"Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For" Framed Print

Such a simple concept, but oh so powerful!

I don’t know about you, but I find it very easy to get caught up in day-to-day needs and desires and to-do lists, and lose sight of the little fact that I’ll (hopefully) still be here in 10 or 20 or 30 or even 50 years…

but I don’t want to be right ‘here’ then…

I want to have moved on and done great things…

which isn’t going to happen unless I actually DO some things now…

All this doesn’t necessarily require grand gestures. Small steps work too. Dreaming big is all well and good; planning is fantastic; but nothing quite beats ACTUALLY DOING STUFF! [emphasis to remind myself 😉 ]

What small things can you commit to today to help out your future self?

Pick one or two and get to work!

My ‘small things’ for the moment are

  1. commit to doing some dance practice every day
  2. do at least one thing every day to help move my career/work life forward. Today that involved reading through the ProBlogger jobs board. I have made a short list of simple things to do to help #2 along, and I’ll keep refreshing that as I work through it.

Please share your ‘small things’ here or on the Facebook page: that way we can cheer each other along.

And feel free to remind me about mine… but right now I need to dance a bit 🙂


Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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