Honouring our energy levels

Like the tides, our energy levels can ebb and flow; and often for no obvious reason.

This week, my levels have been unusually low. I’m not sure why: am I still recovering from last weekend’s cold? Have I been sleeping less well than I think? Is my head too full of different ideas? Have I got a virus? Is my battery power being used up by background processes?! Maybe I just need rebooting…

Whatever the reason, there’s no point fighting it (I tried that earlier and lost :/ )

Instead, I’m trying to honour my low ebb by resting when I can and not taking on too much, and saving my limited reserves for the things that really need doing, and the odd thing I really want to do. And, yes, I’m also planning what I want to do when my levels pick up again 🙂

This is a time for pondering and napping.

For playing silly computer games and flicking through magazines.

For pottering my way gently through my work days and keeping things moving, but not for charging headlong.

For accepting help around the house, and grabbing opportunities to not ‘do’.

I’ll admit, I am really looking forward to having more vim and vigour, and I’m really hoping some returns soon.

And when it does, I will honour that, too… by charging into the plenty of things waiting for me!


How about you? How have your energy levels been this week?

Do yours stay much the same, or do you have spring tides like me?

How do your honour yourself and your energy flows?

Author: verdant1

belly dancer, mother, student, public servant, shaman, knitter, sister, feminist, gardener and a lot more...

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