Re-Blog: The spiritual materialist

It is worth taking time to ponder our relationship with our ‘stuff’, and make sure that we cherish and care for what we have…

Druid Life

I’m a very materialistic person, in that I love and value objects. There are many items in my home that are precious to me and that I would be grieved to part with. Musical instruments. A bookcase that belonged to my great grandparents. Gifts from friends, handmade items, objects made with love and skill. Some of my grandmother’s artwork. The artwork of people I admire. Books. So many books. I’ve collected the objects that share my space with care and attention and some of them have been with me a very long time. They have stories, which weave their existence into mine.  They have utility and beauty. I am attached to them.

Materialism gets a really bad name. It is used to imply greed and consumption, and fixation on the wrong things. Many (but not all) religions divide the physical world from the spiritual, and to be involved with things…

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Something to ponder: the future depends…

Gandhi: One of the topics included in the Common Core Weekly Reading Review 9 by The Teacher Next Door "The future depends on what you do today." (Mahatma Gandhi)
“The future depends on what you do today” – Mahatma Gandhi

What future are you making today?


Re-blog: Devotion, pricing, product: economy of scale in art and craft

A thoroughly worthwhile read for anyone considering entering the marketplace with their arts…

Re-blog: Year 2: Day 36 – Salad Bar

I love this poem by Charlotte Cuevas – it is one of my favourite poems. It sticks in my brain with good humour and keeps me thinking…

Little Pieces

don’t invite friends
to a salad bar.

What kind of bar
is that?

After we’ve been sitting around
pouring our hearts out
about the unfair standards of clothing sizes
and the outrageous expense
of gym memberships
and society’s expectations
for what our bodies should look like
and putting flavors in our water bottles
to make ourselves drink more
and we’re trying to teach our kids
about loving themselves
no matter their size

it’s just exhausting.
And we deserve donuts,
I believe.

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Re-blog: Unsolicited advice

Some good advice about advice:

Druid Life

Once upon a time, when western people lived in communities and had a vague idea of what was going on in each other’s lives, perhaps unsolicited advice worked. At least the knowledge of local resources would have been relevant, and knowledge of the context helpful. Express any kind of difficulty in any area of your life on social media and a bunch of self proclaimed well meaning people will pile in and tell you what to do about it.

I have learned, the hard way, that if I just want people to cut me some slack and send me pictures of kittens, it is best to be vague about the problem and specific about the kittens. Well meaning advice from people who do not know my history, circumstances or hopes is at best, usually useless. Often it’s also demoralising, and counterproductive. The more aggressively/enthusiastically it’s pushed, the more uncomfortable it…

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Something to ponder: we might as well dance


Of course if dancing isn’t your thing, please know you are welcome to express your creative spirit however works for you ❤

Something to ponder: A thought about nature

Nature is not our enemy, to be raped and conquered.

Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored.

Thank you, Terence McKenna.

And, maybe, just maybe, if we could all live more like this, we might find we had fewer enemies to be conquered…