By the light of the moon

The light of the full moon illuminates the night. We can see more in the dark than at other times. Shadows are illuminated. The unseen becomes visible.

In magic, full moon and the waning moon that follows after it is the time for releasing, for paying attentions to our shadows, for letting go…

This full moon has definitely been a time of release for me.

I don’t find this easy to write about this, so please bear with me.

This full moon, I have been able to look deep into my shadows and see some of the patterns and habits that undermine me.

Fortunately, I have also been able to start letting go.

Let me explain further…

A few weeks ago, in the dark of the moon, I joined Gala Darling‘s online Radical Self Love Coven. I figured this would be an excellent way to fill in the gaps in my magical knowledge, connect with other like-minded people, and boost my spiritual and magical practice. And it’s certainly doing all that!

…of course, the seeds we plant at the new moon often start to grow and bloom by full moon…

The magic work we’ve been doing with the coven has included (perhaps unsurprisingly given the name) work on self-love. I think it is this work that has tipped the balance to make me look deeper into myself.

Anyway, I was talking about patterns and habits that undermine us…

My pattern for too long has been that of excessive personal responsibility.

Now, I’ll happily admit that personal responsibility is a good thing. It is important that we accept responsibility for ourself and our actions and how these can affect the world around us.

But like all good things, it has a shadow side – when taken to excess it can throw things out of balance. One ends up taking personal responsibility for things that aren’t things one is responsible for and then, because of this extra burden, letting the things one IS responsible for slide. This then leads to a nauseating spiral of guilt, shame and sometimes taking up even more responsibility as one desperately tries to fix things using the same methods that created the situation in the first place. And, of course, the attempted fix just deepens the spiral…

Yes, I know this spiral all too well…

Fortunately, it is possible to change.

The first step is identifying the issue. I would gently suggest that if you’re finding yourself buried in guilt, shame with hints of non-productive rebellion, you may be doing this to yourself, too. Or you may have a different spiral. In either case, you may find that taking some time to write down and chase down what is driving those feelings is time well spent. My tip is to look for the ‘thing’ that is the foundation – what lies behind the greatest number of yurk stuff?

That’s the first step. Next, we need to release the ‘thing’. I have found EFT tapping the simplest, quickest and most effective way of doing this. I was initially a complete sceptic, until life got so uncomfortable I thought I’d give it a try – and was almost alarmed by how well it worked! I follow this basic recipe. For most things I find three to four times through works. You may have other release methods. I do recommend something that is simple and quick. Now that you’ve identified the pattern you don’t need it hanging round your life any longer than necessary.

Then we need to fill the gap. Releasing is good, but patterns leave well-worn paths on our soul. If we don’t fill the gap, the old patterns will sneak back in. Ask yourself questions about how you truly want to live. What do you want your life to look like? What health-filled pattern could replace the old unhealthy pattern? This is not a time to introduce something completely unrelated to what you’ve just released. You’re looking for something that will fill that particular space in you. Then try to reduce this to an easily remembered phrase you can use like a mantra. My new phrase is “appropriate responsibility” – and so far it is keeping me nicely on track.

So that’s my learning so far this full moon. I’m curious to see what more I can release as the moon wanes to dark. Then there’s the fun of planting new seeds at new moon ❤

If you want to chat about anything in this post, feel free to comment or message me (I can be messaged privately through Facebook and Twitter). Just before Full Moon, I launched my shamanic coaching service, Cordyline. If you think this might be useful for you, please get in touch. I’d be honoured to work with you.

In the meantime, aroha nui!

And I trust the moon’s light will help guide your steps along your life’s journey.

❤ ❤ ❤


Happy Solstice, everyone!

Whether the wheel of your year is turning towards or away from the sun, I hope you have a blessed Solstice.

Whatever your belief season, I feel it is always worth taking a moment to ponder the changing seasons and passing years and the deep wondrous mystery of it all.

For myself, I spent the weekend with Morris Dancers, who danced the sun up yesterday (which is always a little kinder to the body at mid-winter – our sun rise was about 7:45 am), despite the rain. The clouds cleared for the dancing ❤

Re-blog: Who does the Druid serve?

A thought-provoking piece from Nimue Brown about service, creativity and inspiration, and finding a healthy balance:

Druid Life

The call to service is a significant part of the Druid path. Who or what a Druid may serve is a much more personal question. Broadly speaking, land, tribe, gods, nature, ancestors, tradition, spirit and awen would be likely candidates, either in combination or focusing on just the one. How that manifests can be incredibly diverse – serving the land could mean running an organic community allotment. It could mean getting into politics, becoming an activist, planting trees or giving up your car, to suggest a few obvious routes.

Service has to be needed. It’s all too easy to use the idea of service to further our own goals or fuel self-importance. That in itself isn’t entirely a problem – Druidry is not a path of self effacing modesty after all, but if your Druidry gives you a boost in some way, it must also genuinely serve someone else to…

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Not always with the flow

“Flow with your own river…”

Druid Life

Sometimes everything is easy and falls neatly into place. When that happens, it can be tempting to see it as proof that we are blessed, and moving in the direction some higher, hopefully benevolent force approves of. Perhaps we feel in tune with the universe, or that reality is bending over backwards to accommodate us. Either way, it can be intoxicating.

Nature is populated by things that create tides, and things that go along with them. The moon makes the sea tides, opening up coastal feeding opportunities, and then the predators come to feed on that which feeds and they are all part of the same tide. It makes good sense to use something heading your way, to go with a flow that suits your purpose.

Swans migrating thousands of miles ride the winds to ease and speed the journey. They could ride any wind, letting the air currents take…

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In Druidry, “Awen” is the creative spirit/life force (kind of like the Chinese ‘chi’ with an added helping of the muse)

Down the Forest Path

© Joanna van der Hoeven from The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid

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I <3 my journal!

My current journal - the soft leathery binding is so nice!
My current journal – the soft leathery binding is so nice!

I love my journal:

  • I love its soft leathery binding
  • I love its awesome front cover picture
  • I love its quality, thick, creamy paper
  • I love the way my ink pen flows across its pages
  • I love the smell of its binding and paper and the ink – mmmmm!
  • I love how I can write what I’m feeling (no matter what I’m feeling) and it never tells me that I’m stupid or unreasonable or should be feeling something else
  • I love how writing in it helps me release emotions and heal myself
  • I love how I can write pages and pages for a day, then nothing for a week, and it doesn’t matter
  • I love how writing in it clears my mind and soothes my soul as much as any meditation
  • I love how I can read what I wrote some weeks ago and realise how far I’ve come in such a short time, and then I can write some more
  • I love how writing in it draws clarity and sense out of the chaos of life
  • I love how I can realise something and write it down, so I don’t have to realise it all over again
  • I love how writing in it calms me when I’m agitated, inspires me when I’m down, and celebrates when I’m up
  • I love how I can write in beautifully crafted sentences or quick bullet points or barely coherent mind maps, and it’s all good
  • I love how writing in it helps me make sense of life, the universe and everything

I love my journal!

Words of truth

“I can be aware of social ills without accepting them. The problem is that disease does not require my recognition to ravage and destroy.”

A quote from a fabulous blog full of poems and thought food – thanks, planaquarium…