Please ignore my previous post!

Turns out my new adventure required more releasing first…

Yeah, nah, I’m not really surprised… When was life ever a straight path?!

More soon πŸ™‚

Thanks for being patient ❀



Releasing so as to embrace

2011-09 Moonrise2

I’m typing from my dining table, watching the golden moon rise over the hills to the east…

My son is asleep in my studio, where I usually write. His father is renovating his bedroom as I type.

I have dragged myself away from Pinterest, where I was hiding, as this is not a comfortable post to write.

❀ ❀ ❀

As I work through this process of releasing and embracing, and deciding which to do where, I have come to the uncomfortable realisation that one thing that needs to change is this blog.

It is uncomfortable because I have found myself a comfy rut with wonderful readers, so I am reluctant to change.

But in truth that comfy rut is getting uncomfortable, as I can feel words within me pushing to be written. I don’t know yet exactly what form they want to take, but I do know I want to find out…

Blogging helps ease my discomfort temporarily: having written something I can feel a pleasant glow of achievement and ignore those stirrings a little longer. But in truth my blogging has become a form of procrastination itself!

So, I have decided to release this blog a little. Do not fear – this is only a temporary release!

I need some time and space to breathe in without the strict rhythm of regular posting.

I crave time and space to explore my writing further, and to push the boundaries of what my blogging is.

I anticipate I will be away for at least a month, possibly longer. I fully intend to embrace blogging again well before the next Solstice (aka Christmas), but it may not be quite the same as before…

I ask your patience with this process, and hope that you will enjoy the end result as much as I intend to.

I will still be around on Twitter and Facebook, if you fancy a chat.

While you wait for me:

❀ you can find visual inspiration here,

❀ you can be encouraged in your quest for a simpler life here,

❀ you can explore words about creativity here, and

❀ you can find things to ponder here.

❀ ❀ ❀

I will see you again soon, my friends. Thank you for your reading πŸ™‚

Survey results

My thanks to those of you who took the time to tick some boxes. πŸ™‚

That survey is now closed, though you’re still welcome to give me feedback any time (there’s the comments sections and Facebook and Twitter…)

But I’m sure you’re all dying to know: what were the results? And, more pertinently, what does it mean for what you get to read on here?

Well, the summary is “minimal change”

It seems you guys read this blog because you like it – who’d’ve thought?!

Most of you want to read creativity and inspiration posts and are interested in my creative journey (bless you!)

Quite a lot of you want to see what I’m creating and what other people are creating. There was also interest in how to or advice posts, so I’m working on some ideas around that.

A few of you are interested in Druid and pagan stuff, and others in de-cluttering, so I will include occasional posts on that topic. In my planning, May’s posts are shaping into a bit of a de-cluttering theme, so you folks can look forward to that (it still weirds me out that I’m planning – and how well that actually works). And there’s the odd person who wants to know more about my cat, so I will occasionally indulge you.

None of you ticked boxes for book reviews, belly dance or dinosaurs. You will still get some of the first two because I want to write about them (mwahahahaaaa), but I’ll save my occasional squees about dinosaurs for Twitter. Thank you for saving me from a lot of research.

So, what can you expect to find here in the future?

  • the current mix of pictures and text focused on creativity and inspiration
  • more how-to and advice posts – format yet to be determined
  • occasional forays into other topics including book reviews, pagan stuff, de-cluttering, belly dance and cats
  • an absence of dinosaurs – except when I manage to sneak them in.

I’m planning to post four times a week (Mon, Weds, Fri and once on the weekend – New Zealand time) and my planning extends into May already, so this should all actually happen.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Change is in the air

I know I haven’t been posting regularly lately, and I’d like to apologise for that.

I’ve been struggling to juggle priorities and deadlines, plus the whole blank brain thing.

Through my struggles, I’ve realised that this blog is very important to me, and so I’m spending some time and energy working out how to make it better for all of us. I’ve signed up for some lessons with the Blogcademy, which are providing plenty of food for thought. There will be changes!

I want to involve you, my lovely readers, more, as a blog without readers is pretty much pointless! I’m looking into ways that you can converse with me and each other more easily (I know writing comments can be daunting). To help this along, I’ve just set up a Facebook page for the blog, where I hope you’ll feel welcome to come and chat. You can also find me on Twitter and Pinterest if you want to.

I will be asking some questions of you over the coming weeks, as well as making some changes to the blog. I am really interested to know what you think of it all, so please feel welcome to share your views (though politeness is always welcome!) on whichever forum suits you best.

Brain = blank

I keep logging on to post something, but then my brain goes blank.

I’m putting this down to being in sinus recovery with an assignment due this week.

Anyway, is there anything you’d like me to write/post about? I could do with a (not-so) secret stash of ideas to draw on πŸ˜‰

Little frustrations

It constantly amazes me how little frustrations can de-rail all good intentions.

For example, I was all geared up to write a different post over an hour ago, but I needed to book parent-teacher interviews first. For some reason, my browser kept crashing and I’ve only just finished what would usually be a three-minute-max job! Oh, and for some reason Outlook doesn’t want to send my emails just now. Which may be related… or not… it’s hard to tell with Windows 8.1 (but that’s another whole set of frustrations!)

So, you get to read a different, briefer, more whiny blog post (sorry!) and I get to figure out how to un-de-rail… um, re-rail… um… my evening – which now mainly involves heading for bed without doing all the other things I was going to do – sigh!

(And, yes, it does seem a very minor thing to moan about when Vanuatu has just been pretty much levelled by a cyclone… you can donate through the Red Cross to the recovery and support work here)

How did it get to be March so soon?!

Yep, life (well, work mainly) is still crazy.

My February ended as a bit of a train wreck – rather too literally for comfort:


Old macrocarpa trees don’t always play nice with overhead wires.

Fortunately, the fire headed away from us and no one was injured. They managed to get the trains running again within 48 hours, so only major commuter disruption for a short period…

March has blessedly been tame by comparison! But it is still disappearingΒ  a bit too fast for me: so much I want to be doing, and so little time and energy to do it… or so it seems.

I am determined to get back to a more regular and reliable posting schedule from now on. I’m working on some pre-scheduling to help keep things flowing and make the most of when I do have some energy.

Thank you for sticking by me through my chaos πŸ™‚