Random bits of inspiration – moss

Mossy Morning  // By madd-matt at fliclr

If I walk through... will I enter another world? Source: sweet surrender

love this look. nothing fills gaps in like lush moss!   Old wood with moss around the edges.

#3. This photo represents the moss which the main character describes within the short story. Notice how the moss takes on a yellow hue...always brushing off on everything.

Green moss by keartona, via Flickr

moss covered cottage window

At the bottom of William Wordsworth's garden at Rydal Mount rests this mossy stairway, long forgotten.

recipe for moss..I, for one, like moss peeking out between patio bricks.

Lava fields, Iceland- Its been official but everything that looks remotely amazing- always Iceland, need to go!!

moss covered chairs for the garden - have the perfect place for this - will be checking our yard sales for appropriate chairs.

apple moss. Not a mushroom, oh well.

With the feeling of the cool dampness against my skin, and still greeness that hung in the air...

Mudmaid - Lost Gardens of Heligan

Moss - can seemingly grow anywhere

GORGEOUS moss and lichens! Such a rich image full of life. Moss and Fungi by sweir17.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Kyoto Moss Garden Saihō-ji (Koke-dera)  西芳寺 (苔寺)  http://www.japanesegardens.jp/gardens/famous/000001.php


Random bits of inspiration – Midnight garden (with peacocks!)

Moonlit Garden Gate, Provence, France

Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight.

Henrik Simonsen - midnight garden  oil and graphite on canvas

Flower Photo - Awesome Effect !

Don't forget to stop and eat the roses: A Night in Wonderland - An Event Design

gold. aqua. green. seafoam. turquoise. cerulean. midnight blue. cobalt blue. sky blue.  Thought : Well, well - isn't this the beginning of a wonderful friendship? I can't imagine a lovelier cool colour palette. With deep indigo depth and accents of aqua and yellow - there is lots of body, but some much room for fun energy. I love this for a 30th birthday.  - Ashvina Naidu, Glowdown

"Your Unique Self is radically singular, gorgeous, and special in the world." Marc Gafni #purple lily #flowers

Meier Women's Strapless Peacock Embroidery Chiffon Gown

Midnight Rose by Lilyas.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Josef Koudelka

Things I Love Thursday (on a Friday) 28.11.14

❤ getting inspired by books (I have a lovely load of books out from the library and lots of ideas bubbling away – itchy making fingers, too!)

❤ snuggling into a warm duvet on a wet weekend (especially when combined with hot tea and some of the books from above…)

❤ scalp massage at the hairdresser’s

❤ space to move (a work in progress)

❤ my garden (which deserves way more TLC than it gets)

❤ my ‘ten minutes’ (they’re working!!)

❤ freeing my dance and finding my own voice (another work in progress – always)

❤ playing with texture and colour

❤ dancing friends

❤ salmon sushi

❤ soft cat fur (preferably still attached to a cat – and ideally mixed with #1 and 2…)

Things I Love Thursday (on a Friday) 7.11.2014

❤ Opportunity to rest

❤ “Library Wars” manga and anime – I’ve been watching the anime all week. Finally finished last night (phew!)

❤ Time to breathe and think

❤ Clearing out 🙂

❤ Crochet (here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on with anime this week – mixing my addictions! I’ll let you see it properly when it’s done)


❤ Dancing to loud music while folding washing

❤ My new Mana-tea infuser

❤ The aquilegia/granny bonnets in my herb garden – self-seeded and so beautiful



Keeping your feet on the ground

The end of the school holidays are in sight, and we’ve had some fun times, and some chill times, and even some fun, chill times.

Right now, however, I am struggling to stay focused and grounded. Seems like something about my normal routines going up in the air sends my mind up there, too… and I don’t enjoy that.

Here are some things I use to help myself keep on the ground:

  • eating dark chocolate – I find this a good quick fix (coffee can work well, too, if you’re that way inclined)
  • deep breathing and meditation (which can also help with patience for being around children – bonus!)
  • holding obsidian or other stones
  • gardening – getting soil under your fingernails is, quite literally, grounding
  • if I can’t garden for some reason, spending time with my indoor plant jungle
  • journalling – especially good when there’s weight on my mind
  • knitting or crochet – doing something physical, tangible and tactile helps keep me present
  • keeping my red meat levels up (oops, I ate chicken tonight – still at least that keeps the cat happy)
  • stroking my cat

Is there anything you would add to this list? Or leave out? I’d love to hear about what works (or doesn’t) for you.

So, as we’re all out of chocolate (oh no!), I’ll be spending my evening wandering round with a chunk of obsidian in my pocket, doing deep breathing, knitting with my indoor jungle, and thinking about getting my fingers in the soil when the daylight comes again…

… and really looking forward to Monday’s return to normality 😉


Random bits of inspiration – plants and gardens

Ever green by oakmoss, via Flickr.


Koson, 1910 by Gatochy, via Flickr

Photography  8x10 English Garden Fairy Fine Art Photography Emerald Moss Romantic steps hidden secret fern woodland abandoned magic

Another plant for my goth cottage garden... Hollyhock - 'Black Knight' (Alcea rosea 'Black Knight')

Pals, Catalonia, Spain

Begonia Leaf


Nature Photo Woodland Print Nature by RockyTopPrintShop on Etsy, $15.00



Spring is coming

With new life blossoming all around me, I thought I would pause a moment and re-visit the old…

So here’s a post from the same date three years ago (with a photo from two years ago to keep it company):

At long last…

Signs of life re-emerging

Spring steps lightly into my garden

Crocuses and daffodils

Tuis in song

After the deep pause of winter, a fresh breeze blows

PC1.2 Daffodils