Random bits of inspiration – mist

Mist covered shrine on Tateyama, Japan

And so the wheel goes round: bringing us crying into the light of our journey's exhuberance, back into the unconscious mist, taking less time than to notice a second's passing.

Sashiko : Mist pattern, from Kazuko Mende & Reiko Morishige's book (1991) "Sashiko: Blue and White Quilt Art of Japan"

Yosemite morning - smoking valley by Fredlab via Flickr

Misty Nature Photography

The Greenman, Cernunnos /Herne the Hunter... Morning Rays Through the Mist... By Artist Unknown...

fading mountains. Want to draw this with drawing pencils & see what I can do with it for class.

Ilya Ibryaev - Forest River - watercolor (53х37) cm

This looks like it would be a good bridge to add to my 'I wonder where this path goes' board.

Byakko es una palabra japonesa que significa “luz blanca”.En la mitología japonesa se refiere a uno de los cuatros monstruos divinos que representan a los puntos cardinales. Byakko tiene la apariencia de un tigre blanco haciendo referencia al este y simboliza, también, el elemento viento...

White Wings - Chapter One - #wattpad

Macro photography by Cliff Briggie  A lot of colors playing perfect hues together... Beautiful :)

The walk home

The Misty Mountains

Sublime black and white photography. ~thisfuckinggorgeousplanet #landscapephotography #dramaticnature

Painting of cat at night. Tatyana Rodionova


One week in pictures: Sydney

One week of my life in (non-chronologically and non-geographically ordered, unedited, taken on a cellphone) pictures:


Inspiring art: Al Brydon

I came across Al Brydon’s fabulous photography a few years ago while preparing an Etsy treasury. The treasury is long gone, but the photos stayed in my soul. I love the moods and stories he creates with his images.

This image in particular is one that has stuck with me. I find myself wondering about the road and the landscape: where does the road lead? Where did it come from? What might we find in those hills if we head off-road?

The Road. 24x16 by AlBrydonPhotography on Etsy, $90.00

Al Brydon can also be found on Twitter

From my sketchbook – imagine bay

2014-12 bay

This is nowhere in particular – from memory it grew from some random squiggles (which may explain the slightly odd details in the sky). I think my wildflowers are getting better, but rocks and ships may take some more practice… It still amazes me how a flat piece of paper with black lines on it can have a sense of depth and distance…

Random bits of inspiration – crimson

Red sunset by Annafur, via Flickr

beautiful burgundy and white Ukrainian eggs #AllIWant #Christmas #figleaves

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Crimson red church door with decorations, found in Manchester, original, signed Fine Art photo giclee print (Home Decor)

Deep Red Leaf, 8 X 10 photograph, fine art photographic print, Botanical Print

Gorgeous red cups  Brenda Della Casa is the Managing Editor of I Am Staggered USA, LLC, The Director of Online Content for Preston Bailey and the Author of Cinderella Was a Liar and Walking Barefoot www.strollwithoutshoes.com  @BrendaDellaCasa

Crimson Swallowtail - gorgeous

Crimson http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=crimson

Planet Crimson, Coyote Buttes, Arizona

Crimson-mantled woodpecker

crimson tiles Treppen Stairs Escaleras repinned by www.smg-treppen.de #smgtreppen

✯ Crimson Forest - Hokkaido, Japan...yet another reason going to Japan will also be on my bucket list.

My lover makes me feel as though i am dancing  below a crimson sky

Re-blog: Learning the landscape

I’ve always enjoyed learning my landscape by walking. In this re-blogged post, Nimue Brown explains more about how that can work (once again, I find it fascinating to see how my natural impulses are so Druidic in nature…)

Druid Life

This year, I spent Christmas morning walking the hills. It was a truly amazing day – dry air and no cloud made the sunlight sharp and intense. We watched the first light flood the Severn plain with colour and paint the beech trees in startling reds. There were ravens. What had, recently, been a washed out wintery landscape of faded greens, muddy browns and greys suddenly acquired brilliant, jewel-like colour. The Severn River herself was the kind of blue children imagine the sea as being.

On Boxing Day (that’s the 26th for you international folk who do not participate in strange English customs) we did nothing involving either boxes or hitting people. (Theories vary as to why this day has this name and what it is therefore supposed to be about).  We walked back the long way, which took most of the day, but enabled me to fill in…

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Random bits of inspiration – Solar

Good morning :)

autumn sun by artmeister on Etsy, $450.00 Artist: david galchutt - an illustrator/painter. www.davidgalchutt.com

Evergreen Mountain Lookout, Cascade Mountains, Washington

Barbara Olson - Quilt in Progress -absolutely gorgous, go to her website for all her other wonderful pieces barbaraolsonquiltart.com

Alluring sunlight reflects upon the glassy ocean waves casting dazzling flashes of lights resembling sparkling diamonds in the sea. A photograph by artist Michael Rock

Vincent van Gogh - Le Soleil  In this eternal winter, this is the next best thing

Sunset in Sun Flower Field, Maryland I love this photo of sunflowers fading into the golden sunset. Repinned by sailorstales.wordpress.com

Kathy Thaden - Home   (beautiful example --- would look great with a light behind it!)

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” ~ Hippocrates