Things I Love Thursday (on a Friday) 17.10.14

<3 The Wellington waterfront


<3 T-leaf teaSakura Rose is my new fav

<3 Sunshine!

<3 <3 <3 My dancing peeps

<3 My colleagues

<3 Peace and quiet at home (school’s back :) )

<3 Trade Aid dark chocolate (it’s a necessity, not a luxury ;) )

<3 Pauatahanui inlet

<3 Gypsy jazz music


The lure of the games

…in which I engage in some thinking out loud (out page?!)…

I’m fighting a losing battle at the mo against the temptation of computer games (and when I say fighting, I really mean ‘clicking and enjoying every minute’).

My current favourite is ‘Plants vs Zombies’, so I can’t even claim highbrow standards or complex strategic thinking in my defence!

But I find myself pondering why I regard this as a temptation and something to be if not embarrassed then at least vaguely sheepish about…

There’s nothing inherently wicked or evil in playing games when they’re not on a computer – humans have enjoyed games for millennium before computers were even invented – so why would the medium of play make something bad when at heart it isn’t?

It’s a curious phenomenon…

I do feel a certain need to justify my existence by either having my children ‘help’ me play (i.e. calling out random instructions at even more random times or pointing out the bleeding obvious…) or making sure that I am doing ‘worthy’ things before and after my episodes of play…

… and I wonder why I feel that need

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in play or relaxation or resting or enjoying life, and yet I find myself feeling guilty or awkward when ‘caught’ doing these things (not just computer games). Which is all a bit crazy really!

I know in my heart that play and the like are an important part of a creative life, yet my head refuses to place any value on these activities.

It’s a tricky conundrum…

But I guess I’ll just keep trying and keep playing – as well as doing those ‘worthy’ things. Life needn’t be either/or, after all.

And if anyone has any bright ideas or good advice (or game recommendations!), let me know ;)


Inspiring art: Flying fox

One of my favourite pieces of art is a print I have of this fabulous winged fox by Sandra Dieckmann:

Flying Fox // A5 print

The print currently sits on my dresser top while it waits to be taken for framing.

I lie in bed looking at it, wondering what the fox might be thinking, and making up stories about where it has flown from and where it might fly to next. I’d love a pair of wings like this to fly with it :<3

You can buy prints of Ms Dieckmann’s art from her Etsy shop. Do have a browse – she makes some wonderful art.

Dance like there’s an audience watching!

I’m going to be dancing in this concert in a  few weeks (Eep! We’d better get practicing ;) )

If you’re in Wellington and interested in dance, please come along and support the NZ Cancer Society.

2014 showcase poster

Keeping your feet on the ground

The end of the school holidays are in sight, and we’ve had some fun times, and some chill times, and even some fun, chill times.

Right now, however, I am struggling to stay focused and grounded. Seems like something about my normal routines going up in the air sends my mind up there, too… and I don’t enjoy that.

Here are some things I use to help myself keep on the ground:

  • eating dark chocolate – I find this a good quick fix (coffee can work well, too, if you’re that way inclined)
  • deep breathing and meditation (which can also help with patience for being around children – bonus!)
  • holding obsidian or other stones
  • gardening – getting soil under your fingernails is, quite literally, grounding
  • if I can’t garden for some reason, spending time with my indoor plant jungle
  • journalling – especially good when there’s weight on my mind
  • knitting or crochet – doing something physical, tangible and tactile helps keep me present
  • keeping my red meat levels up (oops, I ate chicken tonight – still at least that keeps the cat happy)
  • stroking my cat

Is there anything you would add to this list? Or leave out? I’d love to hear about what works (or doesn’t) for you.

So, as we’re all out of chocolate (oh no!), I’ll be spending my evening wandering round with a chunk of obsidian in my pocket, doing deep breathing, knitting with my indoor jungle, and thinking about getting my fingers in the soil when the daylight comes again…

… and really looking forward to Monday’s return to normality ;)