I was feeling bad for being distracted this weekend: instead of cleaning the house or making things or dancing or gardening or folding washing or any other ‘oughts’, I’ve spent *ahem* rather a lot of time on Pinterest and Etsy pinning and planning  my Summer wardrobe.

Then I wondered why I was feeling bad.

After all, there is nothing inherently wrong in taking an hour (or four!) to gather ideas, prepare a mood board, and plan how I could spend my wardrobe budget.

In fact, it was fascinating to see what emerged when I made my mood board (you can have  a look here – do let me know what you think).

And, as a result of this work, I’ve felt inspired towards new projects, as well as clearing out more of the old.

But it turns out that clothes and clothes shopping are an area where my head is a little screwed up.

On my more conscious level, I am aware that how I dress is an important form of my creative expression (even in corporate mode!)

However, my sub-conscious keeps undermining that.

I’m not completely sure why that is the case. But there are bits of me that seem to believe that thinking about how I clothe myself  is shallow and wasteful of my time and money. And there are other bits that are terrified of self-expression – and, especially, that I might actually be as fabulous as I hope.

So, I am taking  a deep breath and consciously choosing

  • to put energy, time and – yes – money into my clothing
  • to value all forms of my creative expression
  • to face my fears and be my fabulous self despite them (or to spite them?!)

I will have a Summer wardrobe this year and I will enjoy it!

Thanks for ‘listening’ :)


What do you need to be creative?

Just as our creativity flows out in different ways (painting, dancing, song, cooking, sewing, blogging, clever tweets…), what we each need to be at our most creative is different, too.

Some of us prefer a cluttered environment for unexpected juxtapositions; some of us don’t.

Some of us like a buzz of people around us; some of us prefer solitude and silence.

Some of us like lots of colour and shiny things; some of us prefer minimalist mono-chrome.

Some of us like oils; some of us like acrylics; some of us prefer coloured pencils; others prefer to sing.

And none of us are wrong!

If you are wanting to boost your creativity, do take some time to think about what conditions your muse – your soul – might prefer.

It’s okay to experiment.

It’s okay to have different needs to everyone else you know.

There’s no wrong way of being creative (well, as long as you’re not hurting someone!)


Here’s my list:

(I brainstormed, then wrote it out ‘all nice like’ and stuck it on my studio pinboard so I can’t easily ignore it!)


What does your list look like?


Spring is coming

With new life blossoming all around me, I thought I would pause a moment and re-visit the old…

So here’s a post from the same date three years ago (with a photo from two years ago to keep it company):

At long last…

Signs of life re-emerging

Spring steps lightly into my garden

Crocuses and daffodils

Tuis in song

After the deep pause of winter, a fresh breeze blows

PC1.2 Daffodils


Is ‘busy’ the new ‘fine’?

Please read this most excellent post by Damh the Bard, and then ponder whether you could take five minutes a day off from being busy…

BTW did you know that some deep breathing can switch off your ‘fight or flight’  instinct and turn your creative, thinking brain back on? Read more here and here.

It’s worth taking five minutes to breathe ;)

Creative life and ordinary days

I am struggling to feel creative and inspired today.

The sun has managed to emerge from the clouds, which is nice, but for me this remains an ‘ordinary’ day.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Turns out that expecting inspiration to squeeze in around vet trips and long dentist appointments (let alone the effects of the anaesthetic!) is a bit like expecting your cat to voluntarily hop in the cat cage to make that vet trip! It just doesn’t happen that easily.

And that’s okay – even if my mind would prefer something more exciting and inspired to dwell on than my aching jaw.

Inspiration will return – my creative spirit is still there – it’s just that right now, it’s an ordinary day…

And that’s okay.