Things I Love Thursday (on a Friday) 24.10.14

<3 seeing how far I’ve come :)

<3 pesto hummus – a most brilliant creation!

<3 my RSLB – it makes me feel happy just knowing it’s there. Reading it and working on it add to my joy (and then there’s the stickers…)

<3 walking in my neighbourhood – even if only to get to and from the train

<3 my ‘train friends’ – so many people I’ve met and connected with just because of a train journey. Public transport rocks!

<3 antihistamine – it’s tree pollen season :P

<3 NZ Geographic magazine – so much intelligent reading in one place

<3 my awesome and lovely manager

<3 my new red coat (and all the compliments ;) )

<3 Healing Light Crystals and its lovely, loving owner, Donna

* * *

BTW it’s a long weekend here in Noo Zeelind and I have this to go to and my brother-in-law’s wedding – so no posts for a day or two…

What do I want to do when I grow up?!

Some might say that 41.5 years old is a bit late to be thinking about this…

…but seeing as I’m still figuring it out, I’m going to share some of my recent journey with you.

I have been pondering this whole question of careers and planning and what to do with myself for some time, but for reasons I can’t easily pinpoint, it has gained urgency in recent weeks.

Maybe it’s Spring energy, maybe it’s to do with being over three years in my job, maybe it’s something in the chocolate… whatever it is, it’s made it jolly hard to write blog posts! I’m hoping sharing this will clear my head…

Anyway, with this increased urgency, I’ve found myself browsing the ‘transform your life’ sections of my local library, and reading up on entrepreneurship and business and all sorts. My morning afternoon page habit has also come in very handy. I find writing is a good way for me to mull things over, so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and journalling and dreaming and pondering and exploring ideas.

I do now have some ideas about avenues I want to explore. I’m seeing a return to some childhood dreams and interests, and an acceptance of what hasn’t worked as I hoped in more recent years (yes, I’m looking at you, Etsy!) Ecology and geography is calling to me; crafting a living, less so.

I’ve also discovered that there is an ‘official’ title for how I’ve ended up living my career.

Apparently, it’s not a haphazard-jumble-of-accidental-creativity-from-which-an-income-may-appear, but a ‘portfolio career‘. Now I know there are other jumbles like me out there, I’m quite literally reading the book to find out how I can do this more coherently and deliberately. There is a risk of LinkedIn membership!

There is also a risk, I hope, of being able to follow my heart, my head and my guts to an even more satisfying future.

So, here are my tips for fellow journeyers:

  • Ransack your local library and browse everything – your borrowing record may go haywire, but it will help you narrow down your likes and dislikes.
  • Look after yourself – this is work you are doing. Try to eat healthy and move your body and drink plenty (I have a growing addiction to herbal and green teas!) Eat some chocolate, too ;)
  • Give yourself some time off – this is work you are doing and you can’t do it all the time. Go do something ‘silly’ or ‘wasteful’ (like my Plants vs Zombies habit), take a brain break, and then see what fresh ideas rise to the surface.
  • Listen to your body – Gala Darling suggests a useful way of figuring out how your body works: play some music you loathe, then some music you love. See how your body reacts to each, then use this knowledge to help assess ideas and options. It can be surprising what shows up.
  • Inspiration can come from unlikely sources – chance comments or random Facebook posts are valid sources of inspiration and ideas. So are blogs, books, TV shows, and conversations with friends…

If you are journeying through this too, I’d love to hear from you (especially any bright ideas for figuring this stuff out!) There’s no need to walk this path alone :)


The imperfect Pagan


Whatever your religion, if you trying to live an ethical existence, this is a good and wise read by Nimue Brown of “Druid Life”…

Originally posted on Druid Life:

We are all flawed and human. Of course, the ideal, full on and full time Pagan is a veritable saint of mindful, compassionate, responsible living. It doesn’t hurt to air that ideal once in a while and see what we might do to live up to it. Every choice consciously made to minimise harm. Everything organic, locally sourced, made by craftspeople, fairly paid for. No work we undertake exploits anyone, we live zero carbon lives, and harm none. Well, I’ll put my hand up and say I’m not even close. I’m a part time Pagan. I’ve yet to meet anyone who, by such standards, counts as ‘full time’.

One of the big issues is education. To make the most ethical choice, you have to know everything. That’s not easy, not always possible, and not instant. If you wake up today and dedicate yourself to trying to live in perfectly ethical…

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Things I Love Thursday (on a Friday) 17.10.14

<3 The Wellington waterfront


<3 T-leaf teaSakura Rose is my new fav

<3 Sunshine!

<3 <3 <3 My dancing peeps

<3 My colleagues

<3 Peace and quiet at home (school’s back :) )

<3 Trade Aid dark chocolate (it’s a necessity, not a luxury ;) )

<3 Pauatahanui inlet

<3 Gypsy jazz music


The lure of the games

…in which I engage in some thinking out loud (out page?!)…

I’m fighting a losing battle at the mo against the temptation of computer games (and when I say fighting, I really mean ‘clicking and enjoying every minute’).

My current favourite is ‘Plants vs Zombies’, so I can’t even claim highbrow standards or complex strategic thinking in my defence!

But I find myself pondering why I regard this as a temptation and something to be if not embarrassed then at least vaguely sheepish about…

There’s nothing inherently wicked or evil in playing games when they’re not on a computer – humans have enjoyed games for millennium before computers were even invented – so why would the medium of play make something bad when at heart it isn’t?

It’s a curious phenomenon…

I do feel a certain need to justify my existence by either having my children ‘help’ me play (i.e. calling out random instructions at even more random times or pointing out the bleeding obvious…) or making sure that I am doing ‘worthy’ things before and after my episodes of play…

… and I wonder why I feel that need

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in play or relaxation or resting or enjoying life, and yet I find myself feeling guilty or awkward when ‘caught’ doing these things (not just computer games). Which is all a bit crazy really!

I know in my heart that play and the like are an important part of a creative life, yet my head refuses to place any value on these activities.

It’s a tricky conundrum…

But I guess I’ll just keep trying and keep playing – as well as doing those ‘worthy’ things. Life needn’t be either/or, after all.

And if anyone has any bright ideas or good advice (or game recommendations!), let me know ;)